Delicious lechon like no other

AZON’S is known for its delicious boneless lechon. Unlike others in the market, their Boneless Lechon is proudly Davao-made wherein its ingredients are sourced locally.

Since 2012, the homegrown food establishment has been a household name to many Dabawenyos. Azon’s does not only offer its famous Boneless Lechon but also other classic Filipino dishes and a unique dessert.


Let’s start with the basics, when you visit one of the two branches of Azon’s, make it a priority to order their Boneless Lechon, priced at P520 per kilogram (kg). You also have the option to order the Spicy Boneless Lechon at P530 per kg.

For an appetizer, have Lechon Sisig, Spicy Bopis, Kinilaw, and Chicken Buffalo Wings. If you want to take it light and healthy, you can choose from their Gulay Salad or Ensaladang Talong.

For us Pinoys, it is almost impossible to have a meal without sabaw. For sinabawang dishes, here at Azon’s you can choose from Lechon Red Sinigang, Nilagpang na Manok Native, Imbaw, and Sinigang Bangus.

For the main course, choose among Baby Back Ribs, Bistek Tagalog, Adobong Lechon, Dinuguan, Breaded Fish Fillet, Fried Lumpia, Bihon Guisado, and whole or half Roast Chicken. For your vegetable dish, you have Pinakbet, Laing, or Adobong Kangkong.

Rice is a staple for many of us and Azon’s has a good choices of rice to go with your meal — plain rice, garlic rice, or Azon’s rice.

Azon's rice
Azon’s rice

Azon’s offers the staple drinks like juice and soft drinks but they also offer a variety of fruit shakes depending on the season, choose from: mango, guyabano, avocado, cantaloupe, apple, pineapple, green mango, four season, carrot, banana, water melon, and orange.

Azon’s also offers a set meal for families and barkadas. Dubbed as “Dos Barkada Meal,” you can choose from Uno (P499) or Dos (P999).

Uno is good for four persons and includes Boneless Lechon, Roast Chicken, Fish Fillet, Azon’s Lumpia, Azon’s Rice, Burong Mangga, and drinks.

Dos is good for seven persons and includes Boneless Lechon, Roast Chicken, Fish Fillet, Azon’s Lumpia, Azon’s Rice, Gulay Salad, Burong Mangga, and drinks.

Dos Barkada Meal
Dos Barkada Meal

If you want to enjoy good food but want it to be within your budget you can opt for their value meals, which is only for P135, or combo meals, which is only at P95.

Their value meals include a serving of regular or Spicy Boneless Lechon that comes with unlimited rice, Burong Mangga, soup, and a glass of your choice of drink.

For the Combo Meals, you have a choice of Lechon Sisig, Chicken Barbeque, Breaded Lechon, Bistek Tagalog, Roast Chicken, Pork Barbeque, Lechon Adobo, Dinuguan, and Fish Fillet. This comes with unlimited rice, Burong Mangga, and soup, add P15 for a drink.

Cap your meal with their unique dessert, the one and only Lechon Ice Cream. It sounds weird but it tastes really good. But if you are not yet ready to explore new things, there are other desserts like Mango Crepe, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan, Fruit Salad, and Maja with coconut Pudding.

Lechon Ice Cream
Lechon Ice Cream

With the range of dishes, Azon’s will ensure its visitors of a hearty meal and a full stomach. Visit them at their Bajada Branch, fronting Davao Light and Power Company, or at their Matina Branch, fronting NCCC Mall. They also have an outlet at Victoria Plaza Mall, in front of Park N’ Shop.

Azon’s also delivers. Contact them through these numbers: (082) 224-0944 or 286-5882. Their mobile numbers are 0932-7882302 and 0922-8863547. You can also email them through You can also check their Facebook page for their latest updates.

This is a feature article I wrote for Sun.Star Davao on Azon’s Boneless Lechon. It was published on the Sun.Star Davao newspaper in May 29, 2015. I included other photos, which were published in the newspaper but not on the Sun.Star Davao website. Some of the photos are taken by former Sun.Star Davao intern JM Kierulf.

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