Visiting SG Farm in Tupi

During our short visit to General Santos City, we took a side trip to Tupi, South Cotabato to visit the Strawberry Guyabano (SG) Farm.

SG Farm is located in Barangay Kablon, Tupi. From Grand Summit Hotel in General Santo City, it was roughly around an hour and a half drive.

While the farm tourism site is just less than an hour’s drive from my hometown, this is my first time coming here.

Entrance to SG Farm

The parking lot was nearly filled when we arrived. I was wondering first why there were so many people but then I realized that it was a Sunday when we came here. Hence, the crowd.

After paying the P100 entrance fee, we leisurely made our way around the wide farm.

The view of Mt. Matutum from the bridge

We started at the bridge where you will get an amazing view of Mt. Matutum if it is not hiding behind the clouds. At the bridge, you will also get a glimpse of how spacious the farm tourism site is.

At the end of the bridge is the gazebo, which, I think, is the focal point of the farm. To the right of the gazebo are the restaurants, food stalls, and cafes. If you take a left, it will lead you to a demo area of where they plant strawberries and the accommodations at the farm. In front of the gazebo is the garden, which has a variety of flowering plants.

While we were walking along the bridge, I noticed the modern huts from the distance. There was a pair of two-floored huts and a row of smaller huts. These were some of the accommodations that you can book for the night at the farm. And they looked nice from where I saw them.

When we passed by it and were able to get a closer look, it even looked even better. Not was it only pleasing to the eyes but it also looked homey and comfortable to stay in. I also liked the colorful exteriors of the four smaller huts.

However, after I took photos of the huts, I was quick to realize how weird it can be to stop and take photos of the huts when there are guests. While the huts are fenced, I think some tall plants around them could help add privacy to the guests.

Anyway, there was also a row of strawberry plants in front of the huts. Unfortunately, the strawberry bushes were not yet bearing fruits when we visited.

We then found ourselves in the most crowded area of SG Farm. A place I would call the “Photo area.” This area was designed to give you the best backdrop or spot for your selfies, groufies, and OOTDs. This spot also gives you a closer view of Mt. Matutum.

For cool photos, have it on the swing. Make sure someone is taking it on the side where you can see Mt. Matutum.

The “Move on deck” also offers a great spot for photos. You can have someone take the photo from behind for a nice view of the lush vegetation in front of the deck. Or have someone take your shot from the “Leaving Deck.” Just be careful when walking on the decks. Walk lightly because there are times when it feels like the bamboo floor could break.

Restaurants and cafés at SG Farm

After a few more groufies and selfies, we decided to check out their dining area. SG Farm has three main food and beverage outlets — Civet Cafe (Filipino restaurant), Rainforest Cafe (light snacks, coffee, and milk tea), and Bayog Bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). In between Civet Cafe and Rainforest Cafe are some food stalls. The restaurants were all made primarily with wood and bamboo.

The Rainforest Cafe was a beautiful cafe despite how chaotic it was when we came in. The centerpiece of the two-floored, high-ceiling cafe was its chandelier made of indigenous materials.

I decided to order an Iced Americano and an Egg Pie. While waiting, I explored the cafe more. The second-floor was nice but I find it to be too dim for my liking. Hence, if you plan to dine at the cafe, I would suggest the dining area on the first floor.

After ten minutes of exploring the cafe, my order was not ready yet. So, I caught up with my friends who wear near the pool and the events area.

SG Farm’s swimming pool with the Big Red Barn at the background

I think the events area of SG Farm, while not yet fully accessible when we visited, was the most memorable for me because of the big red barn. I liked how the barn contrasts its green surroundings.

We went back to the Rainforest Cafe. By this time, it has been 25 minutes since I ordered the Iced Americano. I guess the serving time is due to the number of guests at the farm. There were a lot of people that day.

Anyway, I took a sip of the Iced Americano and was surprised by how sweet it was. It was too sweet that the sugar almost drowned the coffee.

By this time, my friends also ordered their snacks and drinks. But knowing how long it took for my order, I decided to explore the farm more while my friends relaxed at the Rainforest Cafe.

Bayog Bar

I went to the Bayog Bar, which I think is also a picturesque spot at the farm. I think that the swings at the counter in lieu of bar stools were a cool idea.

Before returning to my friends, I made another walk around the farm. While the farm was spacious, you would be able to tour it in less than an hour. I also dropped by their souvenir shop. However, I wished it were closer to the entrance or near the cafe because there was not a lot of foot traffic here.

When I got back to the cafe, my friends have just finished their snacks and were ready to go.

With an entrance fee of only P100 per person, SG Farm is a nice place to visit in Tupi, South Cotabato. There are a lot of good spots to take photos at. If you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, there are also cafes where you can just sit, talk, and chill.

I also like the cold climate here. As the sun sets, it also gets colder.

For those who are on a short day tour here, the most you can do is take photos and eat. However, if you visit their website, SG Farm has several activities for its guests like trekking.

It can also be crowded here on the weekends. Therefore, you might want to visit on a weekday if you are free.

When passing by Tupi, South Cotabato, try to make a quick visit at SG Farm.


Address: Sitio Glandang, Barangay Kablon, Tupi, South Cotabato

Business hours: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



Contact details: 09260217699 | 09088903286

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Other notes:

  • The climate here can be quite cold late in the afternoon and in the evening or on some certain days. Bring a light jacket or cardigan.
  • This is a farm tourism site, wear something comfortable
  • The signal here is quite weak
  • It is recommended you come here on a private or rented vehicle. The farm is a 15 to 20 minute drive from the national highway
  • You pay a tourism fee at the entrance of the barangay before coming to the farm
  • Highly recommend you visit the fruit and vegetable stalls of the local farmers outside the farm

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