Art, wood, and coffee

We have another destination coffee shop in Davao City that will be a treat for the eyes.

Wood and Coffee just opened this year. At a glance, it is a promising new coffee shop. It really stands out when it comes to look and ambiance.

A friend of mine booked a reservation for us to check out the coffee shop.


Located at Upper Dampa, Magtuod, Davao City, the coffee shop is in the same compound as the gallery of artist and furniture designer Gil Bumanlag.

What really stood out for me is the furniture designed by Gil. The designs felt fresh and are of good quality. You can tell that he allows his creativity and imagination to create his work.

Seeing the coffee shop puts a smile on my face. It has a modern industrial interior that gives off a cool and hip vibe. While shades of brown and gray dominate the color theme of the coffee shop, the ornaments and paintings give some pop of color. For example, there was this blue sculpture near the counter. The subdued colors of the coffee shop also contrast nicely with the greenery outside during the afternoon.

If you like the artwork or what you are sitting on, you can buy it. When I visited the coffee shop with my friends, Gil shared that most of the furniture, ornaments, and art you see are for sale.

Another highlight of the coffee shop is the gallery beside it. The gallery was partially made with container vans, which is what you will see from the front. I love the gallery. The feel and look of the interior reminded me of those middle-class homes in the 1990s. The gallery has large windows, which would allow for natural lighting during the day.

Near the stairs leading to the second floor of the gallery was this large artwork by Gil. I just love how it draws your attention when you enter the gallery.

You can also dine in the living room and the patio of the gallery.

Just behind the art gallery is a viewing deck. This is the best place you can chill during the afternoon. From the view deck, you can enjoy the view of a forested area.

The coffee shop and gallery are also open-air, which is great for times like these.


The first time we visited the coffee shop, it was less than a month since they opened. Hence, I kept my expectations low.

Wood and Coffee offers some pastries and sandwiches for food. Beverages include espresso-based and non-coffee drinks.

For the first visit, I ordered an Americano, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a brownie.

I liked the Americano that I got. Not the best but good enough to satisfy my coffee cravings. I would not mind ordering it again when I come here.

The brownie was fine too and would pair nicely with a cup of coffee.

I also enjoyed the ham and cheese sandwich. Nothing fancy but very homey in terms of taste. It was that delicious sandwich that your friend’s mom would prepare when you visit them.

One of my friends ordered a pour-over of their Mt. Apo (New England). This where I felt that the coffee shop needs improvement. I find the coffee to taste grassy. I was also not a fan of how heavy it felt on my palate.

For the second visit, I ordered a Dolce Dutch Sorbet. It is a latte with crushed iced cold brew. It immediately reminded me of an iskrambol or halo-halo. I think this was a fun and interesting drink. It is something that I have never had before. However, I do find it a bit way too milky and needed more coffee.


The service we experienced was pretty good. On the first visit, my friends and I were the only customers there. Therefore, the service was more personalized and efficient.

It is adorable to see the family preparing our orders at the counter during the visit. You have the daughter preparing the drinks and her parents assisting her.

I was able to make small talk with them. This made me get to know the family a bit more and the coffee shop itself. It is nice to get to know the people who run the coffee shop.

Meanwhile, the service was a bit different during our second visit. By this time, more people were coming to the coffee shop. It was a busy night for the family and their staff as they cater to their guests.

Service was a bit slow this time around, but they did their best to get their orders out.


Wood and Coffee has a lot of potential as a budding coffee shop in Davao City.

As a destination coffee shop, it was worth traveling to Magtuod, especially if you love art. It is one of the places in Davao City that artists may want to visit.

In terms of ambiance and vibe, the coffee shop excels in this. The whole look of the place is very appealing.

While the food is decent, the coffee is a mixed bag. I was satisfied with the Americano and I find the Dulce Dutch Sorbet to be an interesting and fun drink.

However, the pour-over was something that I was not a fan of. This is more of a personal preference. I like my coffee to have fruity, citrusy, and floral notes with a tea-like feel to the palate.

I think my only regret is not coming to the coffee shop early or late in the afternoon. My two visits here were in the evenings. So, I was not able to fully appreciate it when there is still daylight. I know that the coffee shop and gallery would look stunning between 2:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Wood and Coffee is a nice addition to the growing number of coffee shops in Davao City. It has a very appealing design making it Instagram-worthy. However, it needs to step up its game when it comes to its coffee.

Would I visit them again? Sure. If I had my own car, I would not mind coming here on some afternoons.


LOCATION: Upper Dampa, Magtuod, Davao City. They are just several meters after the Manila Memorial Park

INSTAGRAM: @woodandcoffeeph

BUSINESS HOURS: 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; They are closed every Wednesday

IMPORTANT: Wood and Coffee is strictly reservations only. You have to book them through their Instagram page. Check their story highlights for the reservation form.

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