Taking a break at Acacia Hotel

AMID a busy week, I was looking forward to spending the night at the Acacia Hotel Davao.

Since they officially opened in 2019, I have been planning to stay here. Based on the photos on the hotel’s website, the rooms looked good. Also, the times when I ate here, I did enjoy the food.

However, I will be staying here amid a pandemic. Hence, the experience will be a bit different.


I made room arrangements over the phone with their reservations team. They were courteous, accommodating, and friendly. I liked how they provided me all the information I needed for my stay here and about the room itself.

I decided to book a Deluxe Room at the hotel, which was at P2998 and includes breakfast for two at the Waling-Waling Cafe.


One of the distinguishing features of the hotel is its spacious lobby. The first things that would catch your eye are the grand staircase and the large chandelier.

There are also comfortable seats where guests can lounge while waiting to be checked in or checked out.

I also notice some of the changes the hotel has implemented as it adjusts with the pandemic. To observe social distancing, you will find barriers on some tables. Some chairs are marked to inform guests not to sit there.

The once well-stocked snack and beverage bar at the lobby is also lacking pastries or bottled beverages. The wines that were once on display have been stored because of the liquor ban. There are also only a few cakes and pastries on display.

The check-in process went smoothly. Before arriving at the hotel, I was informed that I have been upgraded to an executive suite. Thank you, Acacia Hotels!


The room I was booked was a corner room on the ninth floor of the hotel and has a great view of the Lanang area. I can also spot Samal Island from my room.

The executive suite was large, with a total floor area of around 64.2. I was very much impressed by the size alone.

A small hallway greets you when you enter the room. On the left side of the hallway was a small bathroom, while on the right is a small counter for the minibar. The minibar includes some snacks and soft drinks. You can also find here the kettle and complimentary water, tea, and coffee.

Then, you enter the spacious living room furnished with a sofa, armchair, and a flatscreen LCD TV.

Near the small hallway of the room is the kitchenette with a small dining table for two, a toaster, and a microwave.

The bedroom was also very spacious as it occupies more than one-third of the room. Inside is a king-size bed with six pillows — four large pillows and two smaller ones. On both sides of the bed are nightstands.

In front of the bed is another flatscreen LCD TV. Beside the TV is the executive desk. On top of the desk are care kits from the hotel. The kits included sanitary wipes, a small bottle of alcohol, and a disposable facemask. I appreciate that the hotels are providing care kits for their guests.

You can find the closet beside the door of the bedroom. Inside the closet are the bathrobes, safe, and an iron. There are no room slippers inside the closet, but you can request them through room service.

A larger bathroom is inside the bedroom. Inside is the shower, a larger sink, and a separate toilet and bidet. The bathroom is well-stocked with basic toiletries.

The bedroom also gives a 180-degree view of the northern portion of Davao City.

However, during the afternoon, I do find that the bedroom to be quite hot. I think this is because it faces the sun from noon to around 5 pm. Hence, I spent most of my time in the living room, which was colder.

I also find the bed and the pillow to be very comfortable. I had a very comfortable sleep during my stay here.

Meanwhile, the WiFi speed was also quite decent as I was able to work without any problems.


I initially planned to have dinner at a fast-food chain near the restaurant. However, I want to experience the hotel as much as possible despite staying for only a night. Therefore, I decided to have dinner at Luk Foo Palace instead.

Luk Foo Palace offers Cantonese cuisine.

For my dinner, I ordered the Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (Hakao) (P148), Steamed Pork Siomai (P138), and the BBQ Combination Rice Toppings (P298).

The BBQ Combination Rice Topping has Soy Chicken, Duck Breast, and Beef Brisket. I liked everything in the rice bowl, and the proteins were well seasoned. The star of this bowl was the very tender and flavorful beef brisket. It had this melt-in-your-mouth texture to it.

The dim sum I ordered was also tasty. Between the hakao and the siomai, I like the siomai better. Of course, I ate the dim sum with the restaurant’s chili garlic oil, which was delicious. It just had the right amount of spiciness and smokiness.

For dessert, I ordered the Black Gulaman with Lychee (P118). It was simply black gulaman with four slices of lychee. When it comes to desserts, I find Luk Foo Palace’s menu to be quite limited. My other options were mango sago, mango pudding, fresh fruits, and almond jelly with fruit cocktail. My original choice was the almond jelly because I find it to be the most interesting of the bunch. Unfortunately, it was not available when I visited. I hope the restaurant would have a signature dessert soon.

The service I experienced was good. I like the attentiveness of the staff and how they proactively attend to your needs. I like how they would pour you water before you empty their glass or quickly bus out the empty plates on your table.

My overall experience at Luk Foo Palace was great. The food that was served to me during my visit was good and the staff was wonderful.


The room service was one of the highlights of my stay at Acacia Hotel. The staff of Acacia Hotel efficiently responded to my requests whenever I call. But I think the limited number of guests at the hotel somehow allowed for a more intimate service.

When I checked in, it was around after lunch and I was feeling a bit hungry. I planned to go out but it was too hot. As I said earlier, I wanted to have the total hotel experience. So, I ordered from the menu of Waling-Waling, the hotel’s all-day restaurant.

I had the ribs for lunch. I think it was delicious. The sauce just had the right amount of sweetness while the pork ribs were tender. This has to be one of my favorite room service meals to date in a hotel.

Then in the evening, I called room service to request a pair of room slippers. Around five minutes later, housekeeping arrived with not only the slippers but also some cookies.


One of the things that I looked forward to for my stay here was breakfast at Waling-Waling Cafe.

When I woke up the following day, I excitedly went downstairs for my breakfast.

I like how well lit the cafe is in the morning. The pop of colors of the cafe are also a welcome sight. I just like the chill and happy vibe that I get from the cafe.

The set-up at the cafe was an assisted breakfast buffet. As expected, the food spread was limited, but the basics were there: cereals, fruits, pastries, rice, hot meals, and the egg station.

I liked the breakfast I had here — beef patties, pork sausage, and chicken. I think they tasted good.

What I did not like was the coffee. But that is something I expected because I never had high expectations for coffee served at hotels in general. The coffee we had tasted burnt, bitter, and diluted. I should have ordered the hot chocolate instead.

The service was also good here. Like at Luk Foo Palace, the staff during this time were attentive, proactive, and friendly.


Despite having a staycation here during the pandemic, I had a good stay at the hotel and I think I got my money’s worth.

What I loved during my stay here was the large executive room, good service, and good food. The bed was comfortable enough to give me a much-needed rest. The hotel really did shine when it came to their service. I felt that it was simply heartfelt when it comes to their hospitality.

What I was not a fan of about my stay here was the limited option for dessert at Luk Foo Palace and the coffee at Waling-Waling Cafe.

Despite the pandemic, the hotel still managed to extend hospitality to its guest and I was one of those who experienced it. If you have essential travel to Davao City, you might want to stay at Acacia Hotel. Check their Facebook page or official website because they are regularly offering promos for those who will be staying or dining with them.

Thank you, Acacia Hotels!


Address: JP Laurel Ave., Lanang, Davao City

Website: https: www.acaciahotelsdavao.com

Facebook: Acacia Hotel Davao

Contact details:
(082) 298-8088 or 09178050100

Email: enquiry@acaciahotelsdavao.com

Based on the June 7 data of the Department of Tourism – Davao, Acacia Hotels is among the hotels in the city that is allowed to operate during MECQ.

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