A Thai feast at Benjarong Davao

Benjarong Davao is offering an Eat All You Can Thai Feast.

Yes, folks, you heard that right. An eat-all-you-can feast featuring classic Thai dishes prepared by the talented team of Benjarong Davao that is led by Thai Head Chef Suthin Somuang.

Benjarong Davao (Photo taken before the pandemic)

“Most of these dishes are the ones I have grown up eating, which I eventually learned how to cook when I became a chef. It pays homage to the culture and food experience in Thailand,” Somuang said.

(A bit of a trivia: Chef Somuang is from Udon Thani, where my parents lived before returning to the Philippines. Udon Thani is part of Northeast Thailand and I remember this region for serving very spicy dishes and delicious grilled chicken served with sticky rice.)

Recently, I visited Benjarong Davao to try the Thai dishes they are offering.

The food arrived on our tables in a steady stream.

Yam Som O

For the appetizers, we had the Yam Som O (Pomelo, chicken, shrimp, nam prik pao sauce), Por Pia Pak (Deep fried vegetable spring roll with sweet chili sauce), and Chicken Satay with Arjad sauce and peanut sad.

I liked the appetizers served to us. I think the most memorable was the Yam Som O and the Chicken Satay.

The Yam Som O was a savory cold salad. I liked the freshness and brightness coming from the Pomelo. The Chicken Satay reminded me of the ones I used to buy at this stall near our home in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Chicken Satay

Then we were served the Tom Yam Gung, Gang Khieo Wan Gai (Green curry chicken), and Gang Phed Ped Yang (Red duck curry). My personal favorite is still the Green curry chicken. I also have to say that their Tom Yam Gung has greatly improved from when I first tried it. The first time I tried it, it was too sweet for my liking. Now, it is not as sweet as before and I also liked its current level of sourness.

Next served on the table were the Pad Thai Gung Sod and the Khao Phad Khai (Fried rice). This pad thai I tried was also way better than the first time I tried it. However, I think it would be better if there was a bit of spiciness to it. You can request them to add some chili flakes or have it on the side. The fried rice we had was also quite similar to the ones we used to order in an eatery in Thailand.

Pad Thai Gung Sod (Photo taken in a separate event at Benjarong Davao)

After the pad thai and fried rice were served, the Benjarong Davao crew delivered in a steady stream sampler of the main course — Phad Ka Prao Nuea (Sliced Beef), Phad Kra Pao Gai (Stir-Fried Minced Chicken), Phad Ka Pao Pla Muk (Stir-Fried Squid), Pla Sam Ros (Deep fried fish), Phad Pak Bung Fai Deang (Stir-fried morning glory), and Phad Pak Choi (Stir-fried pak choi).

Of the main courses, the ones I enjoyed the most are the Phad Pak Bung Fai Deang, Pla Sam Ros, and Phad Kra Pao Gai.

To cap the meal off was a sampler of the Mango Sticky Rice, which I liked. Other desserts available on the menu are Tab Kim Krob (Thai rubies) and Khrim Bai Tey Ma Praw (Pandan coconut creme brulee).

Mango Sticky Rice (Photo by Benjarong Davao)

Overall, this has to be the best meal I have had at Benjarong Davao. I liked how much they have improved since opening in 2019.

I recall then that the food did not remind me much of Thailand. During those times, they were still trying to balance what appeals to the local market and ensure that the Thai food they serve still tastes Thai. However, now, the dishes do remind me of Thailand and bring back a lot of fond memories of growing up there.

Eat All You Can Thai Feast for P1,500 net per person

You can enjoy the Eat All You Can Thai Feast for P1,500 net per person. Personally, if I had extra, I would not mind splurging on an eat-all-you-can Thai meal.

Benjarong Davao is located at DusitD2 Davao. Aside from what is offered in their eat-all-you-can, they have other Thai dishes that you can order ala carte. Benjarong is open from 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. every Tuesday to Saturday. To book, guests may e-mail fb.reservations@dusitdavao.com or call (082) 27 7500.

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