Catching up at Koffie-pauze

It has been a while for me, Anne, and Kriztja to spend time and get updated with each other’s lives. Anyway, we decided to meet up at this fairly new coffee shop, Koffie-pauze, which is at the ground floor of 100 Roxas Avenue Dormitory, along Roxas Avenue.


The moment the three of us arrived, the first impression we had was the coffee shop’s interior was very similar to the Korean coffee shops that we have been to —  minimalist design, wall posts, stuffed animals, hipster elements, Japanese seating areas etc.


Visually, the place really looks nice. What I really liked about it was their Japanese seating areas, where you can lie down, located at the second floor. There are also regular and high-top seating areas throughout the shop.


They also have comfort rooms for both men and women and are fairly clean.

My only comment about the place was during our visit, the counter area was somewhat messy — cups, mugs, and utensils were scattered at the prep area, the prep area was not properly wiped, etc.

Expect the coffee shop to be somewhat noisy with groups of college students being its main customers. I don’t recommend the place for studying or working unless you are the type of person who doesn’t get bothered with the noise surrounding you.



For dinner, I ordered the Cordon Bleu (P160) while Kriztja ordered Burger with Fries (P125) and Anne had the Tuna Sandwich (P120).


Presentation wise, the food looked good but when it comes to the quality and taste, it was nothing to rave about.

The Cordon Bleu, which was served with buttered corn, was just okay; without the sauce it would be a flavorless chicken meat wrapped around cheese and ham.

Cordon Bleu

The sandwich and burger were also just okay. The fries doesn’t seem like they are store made instead I think it is the fries that you can buy from the frozen section of the supermarket.

Tuna Sandwich with chips
Burger and fries

I also ordered their Matcha Green Tea Latte (P115), which I enjoyed.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

For dessert, we ordered the Red Velvet Cheescake (P120) and the Strawberry Shortcake (P120).

The Red Velvet Cheesecake was the best part of the whole meal. It was simply delicious. On the other hand, the Strawberry Shortcake was too sweet and compared to the other cake it was just meh.

Strawberry Shortcake (left) and the Red Velvet Cheesecake (right)

The price of their products are at affordable rates and budget friendly. I noticed that the price is mostly below P200.


The service we got from the staff was quite good. The barista at the counter was smiling and knows the products they are selling. The rest of the staff were also accommodating.

Food was also served in like less than 10 minutes. Drinking water is self service, which is located at the counter.

Their internet during our visit was slow. It took awhile for the pages to load.


Koffie-pauze is a fairly decent coffee shop. Would I be spending long hours here? I think not; probably an hour or two to chat with friends.

The food is at an affordable price as compared to most coffee shops I have been to but in terms of taste, it is just average. However, I think their desserts are quite good, the Red Velvet Cheesecake was amazing!

The service we experienced was fairly good. The food was served in less than 10 minutes as compared to other cafes where the standard is 15 minutes. The staff were generally nice and accommodating.

In terms of ambiance, the place is not suitable for those who really want to study or work. However, I find it more suiting for friends who just want to chill and catch up with each other.

Location: Ground floor, 100 Roxas Dormitory, Roxas Ave., Davao City
Phone No.: (082) 224-4750
Business hours: 9:00am to 2:00am
Facebook: Koffie-pauze

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