My favorite Durian desserts

When you hear Davao City one of the first things that come to your mind is the durian.

While it is loved by some, there are also those who stay away from it. Maybe due to its smell or they are not fond of the taste.

Some local small and medium enterprises became creative and developed different products out of it like the durian candy, jam, and yema.

Visitors coming to Davao City are always on the look out on what product with durian they should try during their visit here. Durian pie, ice cream, and coffee are just some of those products that you can find in some cafes and restaurants in Davao City.

The past few weeks I have discovered some delicious desserts with durian and here are my favorites to date:

Sweet Advocate’s Durian Bars and Durian Cream Cake in a jar

Durian Cream Cake

I immediately fell in love with their durian bar and cake the moment I had a bit of each. Instead of using flavoring, they use durian pulp bringing that strong and unique flavor of the fruit.

One great thing about the cake is it is neither a sponge cake or chiffon cake, it is a cream cake with actual durian pulp in the cake and also the filling.

What I love best about the two desserts is both are not very sweet.

Durian Bars

The Durian Bars are sold at P300/dozen. As for the Durian Cream Cake, Sweet Advocate is offering a promo this August wherein for six jars of 100ml Durian Cream Cake is priced at P488 while a set of 200ml jars is at P888.

Visit their Facebook page for more details or contact them at (0933) 940-9102.

House of Sylvanas by Paulyns’ Durian Sylvanas

Aside from the classic silvanas, House of Sylvanas by Paulyns also makes durian silvanas, which is really good. They also use durian pulp to really give you that durian experience.

Durian Silvanas


The durian silvanas are sold at P170/box (10pcs). It is not sold with other flavores silvanas since it will over power them. House of Sylvanas can be reached through their Facebook page. You can also contact them through these numbers, 09330505839 or 09758469763. Their store is located at #31 Mlaigaya Ave., Matina, Davao City.

Lachi’s Davao Durian Cheesecake

This cheesecake simply delicious and also not too sweet. At only P72, the cheesecake is more than what we paid for. If you are here in Davao City be sure to drop by Lachi’s and buy a slice of this cheesecake.


Lachi’s is located at Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights Subdivision.

On the weeks to come I will be updating this list should I happen to find another amazing durian dessert.

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