Favorite Coffee Shops of 2018

The coffee shop scene in Davao City is becoming livelier and more competitive in recent years.

We saw the opening of a number of new coffee shops last year each offering something new to the coffee shop scene in Davao City. The existing coffee shops also stepped up as they offer something new to their regulars and new customers.

I do not have a structured criteria for my favorite coffee shops in 2018. However, four made it to my favorite list because they have impressed me with their different offerings be it food, beverage, or ambiance.

These four are also the coffee shops that I always recommend to people visiting Davao City or those who are simply looking for great coffee shop to go to.

Spark Coffee + Crafts
Spark Coffee + Crafts dining area

Many of my friends know how much I love this coffee shop. I love everything it has to offer from the food to the ambiance of the place.

They serve good coffee-based drinks. They have my favorite Iced Americano and Cappuccino in town.


However, what I really love about Spark is their food. At the top of my list is their Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffles. It is a beautiful combination of sweet and savory. Other favorites here are the Monte Cristo, Lasagna, Bacon and Egg Rice Meal, and Spark Sandwich.

Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffle

Spark Coffee + Crafts is located at Paseo Uno along Ruby St., Marfori right in front of the Davao City Botanical Garden.

Mugshots Coffee and Wine

Of the four, this is the coffee shop I frequent the most because it is just along the way when I walk home from work.

Artisan Brew

When I am looking for some good specialty coffee, this is my go to place in the downtown area. They constantly change their specialty beans, which means that you always get to try something new every time you visit here. The beans they use are also really good.

Adobo Pasta

The coffee shop also serves some really good food. High up on the list is their Adobo Pasta because it really tastes like adobo. Other favorites include their Chicken Skin and Full Breakfast, which has spam, sausage, bacon, and eggs.

Mugshots Coffee and Wine is located along Araullo St. corner Tionko St.

Purge Coffee Roasters
A quiet afternoon at Purge Coffee Roaster

When it comes to looking for the best coffee in town, Purge Coffee Roasters is the place to go. I have recommended the coffee shop to coffee lovers and Purge never fails to impress them.

Kenya and Costa Rica for the afternoon

Based on experience, you can always be assured of a great cup of freshly brewed coffee here. The specialty coffee they serve are also really good. My favorite is the Ethiopian coffee. Their cold brews are also among the best that you can find in Davao City.

Mum’s Spaghetti

While the food here is not as extensive as the others, they offer some pretty good waffles and a really delicious spaghetti.

Purge Coffee Roasters is located along Tulip Drive, Juna Subdivision.

Glasshouse Coffee
The coffee shop in the evening

The coffee shop knocks it out of the park when it comes to ambiance. I find their ambiance to be very relaxing. I can enjoy a good book here while enjoying a cup of coffee without getting distracted.


They also serve good coffee here, especially their americano and cappuccino.

Banana Loaf topped with Banana Cinnamon Jam

The coffee shop does not have full meals but they serve cakes. Try a slice of banana bread with banana cinamon spread. I do find it pricey but its so darn good.

Glasshouse Coffee is located inside the Oboza Ancestral Compound, Rizal St. It is right in front of Claude’s and Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar.

I think it is also worth mentioning that one of the things I loved about Mugshots and Purge is I am able to learn more about coffee from its owners. It is not simply a beverage you can enjoy after a meal or before you start your day. There is an art in how it is being brewed to bring out the different flavors from the coffee beans.

A great thing about the four coffee shops is they also support local producers and suppliers. For example, you walk into Spark, you see a display of products from small local entrepreneurs. Another is at Purge, among the beans they use are Mt. Apo coffee beans, sourced from our local farmers.

I just love how Davao City’s coffee scene has grown in the last five years. Every year, I discover new coffee shops that will allow me to fall inlove with coffee more.

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