A long awaited dinner at Lachi’s

I have been living in Davao City for the last five years but it was only this year that I had eaten at one of Davao City’s favorite restaurant and desserts place, Lachi’s.

One of the reasons why it took a while for me to have a meal here was every time I come here, the restaurant is always full.

I made plans and eventually scheduled a visit here. I called them to reserve me and a couple of friends, Kriztja and Yas, a seat.


DSC_8708 (2)

Lachi’s has a simple interior but gives a very homey vibe to anyone eating here.

The place is constantly full. Tables are not empty for a long time.

DSC_8618 (2)

Most of the tables here are designed to cater mainly for families or groups.


Lachi’s offers a range of comfort food and desserts affordably priced between P40 to P220.

For our dinner here, we ordered the Retro Chicken-Pork Adobo (P140), Beef Salpicado (P125), and Elsie’s Melt-in-your-mouth Roast Pork (P155). Then for dessert we had the Creme Brulee Cake (P62), Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival (P72), Luscious Mud Pie (P64), and Symphony Torte (P77).

Where do I even begin? The long wait was definitely worth it as each order was simply delicious.

The Retro Chicken-Pork Adobo was really good. The chicken and pork were tender and the dish was flavorful.

DSC_8627 (2)
Retro Chicken-Pork Adobo

The Beef Salpicado was also wonderful.

DSC_8632 (2)
Beef Salpicado

Elsie’s Melt-in-your-mouth Roast Pork is as good as it sounds.

DSC_8637 (2)
Elsie’s Melt-in-your-mouth Roast Pork

The Creme Brulee Cake was divine! Its sweetness is just right. I would have wanted a second serving of this but we already ordered too much cake for our dinner here. 😀

DSC_8645 (2)
Creme Brulee Cake

Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival and Luscious Mud Pie were also good.

DSC_8655 (2)
Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival
DSC_8675 (2)
Luscious Mud Pie

The Symphony Torte was also a joy to eat.

DSC_8691 (2)
Symphony Torte

The great thing about their desserts here is it is not very sweet. It has just the right sweetness to appeal to those with a sweet tooth and to those who are not really into desserts.


The service here was great. The staff were professional and efficient at what they do. Our orders arrived within 10 minutes.


I heard a lot of good things about Lachi’s from my friends here; so my expectations were quite high coming here. Lachi’s exceeded my expectations with their great food and desserts that are affordably priced.

Should you drop by here in Davao City, I recommend that you come and visit Lachi’s when you visit the city. However, I suggest that you make reservations a day or two before your visit to make sure that you get a seat when dining here.


Location: Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights Subdivision

Contact details:  (082) 224-5552

Business hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00am to 8:00pm

Facebook: Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

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