Relaxing at Glasshouse Coffee

Whenever my friend, Isa, and I would plan to catch up over dinner or coffee, we had to “move the mountains” just for our schedules to meet.

However, most of the time our dinners or coffee dates would just be at the spur of the moment.

Our coffee date this time around was one of those “spur of the moment” days. She suggested that we check out this new coffee shop within the same compound of Huckleberry.

Glasshouse Coffee in the afternoon

Glasshouse Coffee just recently opened and I have to say it is one of the cutest coffee shops I have been to.

I have visited the coffee shop for a number of times already and I think it is about time I write a review about it.


As I have mentioned earlier, Glasshouse Coffee is located within the same compound as Huckleberry, the Oboza Ancestral Compound along Rizal St. It is that small glasshouse at the compound’s garden.


I love the plants hanging inside the coffee shop as it makes the place easy on the eyes. It also gives the coffee shop a relaxing and refreshing feel too.


Another great aspect why I think this coffee shop is relaxing is their choice of music, which are mainly jazz or soothing indie music.


At present, the coffee shop does not have any meals or sandwiches for its customers but it does have cakes. Their beverage options are standard espresso-based drinks (espresso, americano, cappuccino, flat white, and latte) and hot chocolate and tea for those who are not into expresso-based drinks.


During my previous visits, I ordered the Cappuccino (P150) and Americano (P115). For the cakes, I ordered the Carrot Cake and Caramel Cheesecake. 


I find both the Americano and Cappuccino to be really good.

Carrot Cake

The Carrot Cake and Caramel Cheesecake here were also delicious. They do not bake their cakes but I like their choice of supplier.

In a recent visit, I was able to try their Signature Hot Chocolate and a slice of their Banana Loaf topped with Banana Cinnamon Jam.

DSC_9433-1 copy2
Signature Hot Chocolate

The Signature Hot Chocolate, which is Ghirardelli Chocolate with Malagos Chocolate, was a hearty drink. I just love how chocolatey it was. I also like it was not really sweet.

DSC_1981 copy
Banana Loaf topped with Banana Cinnamon Jam

Though it is a simple baked dish, the Banana Loaf topped with Banana Cinnamon Jam was simply delicious. I just love how moist the center of the loaf was. The banana loaf is also freshly baked at the coffee shop. That Banana Cinnamon Jam by Chef Claude, elevated the humble slice of banana loaf. I won’t hesitate to buy the jam if it is sold in a bottle.


During my visits here, I find the service to be pretty good. I think the staff were nice and efficient with what they are doing as I do not have to wait long for my orders.

I also observed how the baristas were accommodating to the customers. During my visits here, I saw how one of the baristas was able to properly explain to one of the customers about their coffee and how its taste may be different to the kind they were used to.


The coffee shop in the evening

Glasshouse Coffee is a pleasant addition to the coffee shop scene here in Davao City. I like the coffee they serve and I do not mind that they have a limited menu. I think the limited menu allows them to provide better and efficient service to their customers at the same time allowing the customers to simply enjoy coffee at its best.

I also love the ambiance here as it is very relaxing. I like it here in the afternoon as it is fairly quiet. I also think that the coffee shop is a really great place for you and your friends to sit down and catch up over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

Location: Oboza Ancestral Compound, Rizal St.

Business hours: Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Instagram: @glasshousecoffeeph

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