A full Filipino breakfast

When people ask what restaurant to go to for a good breakfast, I would always recommend Rekado along Jacinto Extention.

Kape Diaries file photo of the interior of Rekado

I always enjoy the food here and their breakfast meals are among my favorites in the city.

Having not been here for a while, I decided to have a breakfast here a week before my Christmas break.

I was thinking of a light breakfast but I ended up ordering Chicken Tocino, Longganisa Skillet, and Suman. Not the light breakfast one would picture.

Chicken Tocino

The Chicken Tocino is served with garlic rice, sunny side up egg, and salted egg salsa. This was a delicious way to start the meal. I find the chicken tocino tender and I love the balance of sweet and salty that I get from the tocino.

Longganisa Skillet

The Longganisa Skillet, a dish I had before, was good as I remembered it to be.

Suman with mango and tsokolate

Lastly, the Suman was the perfect way to end the meal. It was such a homey dish. I love that it came with a ramekin cubed mango and a shot glass of tsokolate (hot cacao drink).

The service I experienced during my time here is still as good as what I experienced last time. The staff were great and very accommodating.

For your next breakfast with friends or with your family, I really recommend Rekado. It is like having your breakfast at home.

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