Buda in a day

Buda in a day
Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop
Spending the morning at Bemwa Farm
Lunch at Wild Berry Garden Diner

Over the weekend my friends and I escaped the craziness of Davao City to the cool climate of Buda.


For starters, Buda is an acronym for the Davao-Bukidnon (BuDa) Road, which covers portions of Davao City and the provinces of Bukidnon and North Cotabato. The area is a popular destination for Dabawenyos who are looking for a cool place to spend the weekend.

It is also the location of some major vegetable and organic farms that supply to nearby cities and towns. It is also a popular destination for those who are having team building activities or retreats.

Along the highway you will find various mountain resorts and some popular restaurants.

Anyway, for our trip to Buda, we left Davao City at around 4 a.m. because we want to catch the sunrise in Marilog.

At around 5:30am we had a quick stop over along the road in Marilog to take photos of the wonderful view, which also featured a sea of clouds.


At around 6:00am we arrived at the Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop, where we had breakfast.

Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop

Most of our morning was spent at the Bemwa Farm, where we also had merienda.

Bemwa Farm

Our trip to Buda was supposed to end at the Wild Berry Garden Diner but since we still had a couple of hours we took a quick side trip to Hills View Mountain Villa.

It was not easy going there as the road was very rocky. From Bemwa Farms it was around 30 minutes due to the road.

However, the trip to Hills View was worth it as we were greeted with a breathtaking view of mountain ridges.

The view from Hills View Mountain Villa

We did not spend long here as were getting hungry already. So we traversed the rocky road again and found our way to Wild Berry, where we had a wonderful lunch.

DSC_3331-2 copy
Wildberry Garden Diner

If you are looking for somewhere cool and relaxing to spend the weekend at, Buda is definitely a destination. It is just an hour or two away from Davao City and definitely has a number of places that are great to visit.

I will talk more about the food and the places we visited in my succeeding posts; so be sure to follow Kape Diaries on Facebook or subscribe to keep posted.

Here is vlog of my trip to Buda with my friends:

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