Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop

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Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop
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As part of our itinerary to Buda, we opted to have breakfast at the Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop, which is a popular stop over in the area.


The last time I came here was back in 2015 when my colleagues and I were on our way back to Davao City after visiting some power plants in Northern Mindanao.

I am very excited coming back here to taste again the food they have to offer.



The Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop has a very homey ambiance. I like how relaxing the place is and I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours here.

The place has different seating options for solo diners, couples, or groups.


Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop

Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop offers a variety of food whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their food here ranges from P65 to P325. If you want to try the steaks, these are pegged at P195 to P1,100.

For our meal here we ordered Tocino (P130), Beef Tapa (P145), Ham Omelette (P120), and their Special Suman with Tsokolate (P65).


The Tocino was delicious and for someone who enjoys a good tocino dish, I really enjoyed this one.


The Tapa was also good and the meat was tender.

Ham Omelette

The Ham Omelette was just ok. I think it needed more salt.

Special Suman and Tsokolate

The Special Suman and Tsokolate was the star of the meal. The suman was really delicious and I love that they sprinkled it with mascovado (coconut sugar) and oats, which added texture to the dish.


The Tsokolate (Filipino hot chocolate) was also great and a great drink for the cool climate of Buda.


The service we got was just ok. Nothing to rave about. While the staff were able to attend to our needs, they were barely smiling or even friendly. Not morning people I guess. However, the food was served within 15 minutes, which is good.


Overall, the breakfast we had here was great. The food were delicious and affordably priced. However, I hope they improve more on the service with a more welcoming staff.

I do recommend dropping by at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop whenever you and your friends or family visit Buda.

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