Relaxation at DusitD2

Following a hectic trip to Manila in July, I was ready for some really good rest. Hence, I was looking forward to my stay at the newly opened DusitD2 Davao in Lanang, Davao City.

DusitD2 Davao is one of the newest addition to the growing number of premium hotels in Davao City

I arrived at the hotel on a Sunday afternoon. I was warmly greeted by their staff the moment I stepped into the lobby. The lobby was beautiful. I just love how well lighted it is during the daytime. Also, I love the finishing they have.

The Siam Lounge

I have been booked to stay in a D’Suite room with a pool view. At 68 square meters, the one-bedroom suite was huge. Sadly, my photos does not give justice to how big the room was.

The living room, dining area, and pantry of the suite

As you enter the suite you will see the living room, small dining area, and a pantry. There is also a powder room near the door.

Dining area and pantry

At the pantry, you will find the minibar and complimentary coffee and tea making facilities. There is also a Nespresso machine where you can make a decent cup of coffee.

The bedroom

My favorite part of the suite was the bedroom, which was also big.

The comfortable king-size bed with seven pillows! This feature of the room is a personal favorite of mine

Waiting for me is a comfortable king-size bed with seven pillows! I can expect a comfortable sleep during my stay here. I love their sleeping pillows, which were soft.

Inside the bedroom was also a spacious work desk, flat-screen television, and a high-quality JBL speaker. You can connect your phone to the sound system via Bluetooth and play your favorite tunes. I decided to play some jazz music as I continue to explore the room.

I loved that the bathroom had a bathtub

The bathroom was also big and complete with bath amenities like towels, hairdryer, and toiletry sets. The bathroom had a double sink, separate shower room, a toilet with bidet, and a bathtub.

Just across the bathroom is the closet where you can find the bathrobes, bedroom slippers, and the safe.

View from my room

Another thing I loved about the room is it gives you a great view of the hotel.

Madayaw Cafe, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant

After checking the room out, I was off to have a late lunch with former DusitD2 Davao marketing and communications officer Ico Sindiong and SunStar Davao digital content editor Ace June Rell Perez at the Madayaw Cafe, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant.

For our lunch, we had Tom Kha Gai, Beef Steak Tagalog, Pork Lumpia, Green Curry Chicken, and Pad Thai. I think all the food that we ordered were really good. However, I think the Thai dishes have been adjusted to cater to the Filipino palate.

Lubi Halo Halo

For dessert, we had the Lubi Halo Halo, which was delicious and refreshing.

After lunch, I spent a couple of hours lounging in my room before our scheduled spa treatment at the hotel’s Namm Spa.

Namm Spa

I will be getting a one-hour Lemongrass Salt Body Scrub for my spa treatment here. The spa mixes sea salt with lemongrass blend oil “to deeply cleanse, buff roughness away, stimulate circulation as well as creating warmth in the body.”

After the spa treatment, I was refreshed and went back to my room to prepare for dinner.

Dusit Club Lounge

Instead of having dinner at the Madayaw Cafe, Ico arranged a dinner for us at the Dusit Club Lounge on the sixth floor. I just love the modern and contemporary design of the lounge. One end of the lounge you can find the food display and on the other is a small meeting room.

I checked the food display and they have some cocktail food that we can enjoy while waiting for our dinner. On display were small portion servings of salads, fish cakes, meatballs, chicken lollipops, and desserts.

For our dinner, we had Margherita Pizza, Lechon Kawali, and Chorizo Garlic Prawns. For dessert, we had the Mango Sticky Rice. Again, the food we had here was great. I especially loved the Mango Sticky Rice.

Siam Lounge

After dinner at the lounge, Ace and I went down to have a couple of drinks at the Siam Lounge. We ordered two of their specialty cocktails — Sukothai and Anna and the King. A couple of sips later, Ace and I were ready to crash in our respective rooms.


When I sleep, I want to make sure that all lights are off and the room is at its coldest. Except for the light at the dining area, I turned off all the lights in the room. Then I tucked myself in and had a comfortable sleep that night.

Had a decent cup of coffee at my room

I woke up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Before going down to Madayaw Cafe to have breakfast, I made coffee using the Nespresso machine at the pantry. The coffee was pretty good and enough to satisfy my coffee cravings.

The crowd was light at the Madayaw Cafe. The breakfast was pretty simple, there were some hot options, pastries, and fruits that you can choose from.

Aside from having breakfast at the Madayaw Cafe, I also had breakfast at the Dusit Club Lounge. The breakfast spread here is a much smaller version of the spread at the all-day dining restaurant.

After breakfast, I spent most of my time lounging in my room. I also spent an hour in the bathtub.

My stay here at the hotel ended on a high note with a late lunch at the Madayaw Cafe. The lunch was capped off with a delicious Coconut Sherbet.

On top of the top-notch facilities and delicious food, the experience here was made better with the quality customer service of the staff. The service at the hotel could not have been better.

For example, every time we ate at the Madayaw Cafe, I noticed how proactive the dining staff were in attending to the needs of the diners, whether it is refilling their water or removing used plates. When I asked for my water in the room to be replenished, instead of just bringing two water bottles, they brought me an additional two bottles. At the club lounge, when I was looking for those delicious cheese rolls I had at the cafe for breakfast, they asked someone to bring me some.

It was a pleasant and comfortable staycation at the DusitD2 Davao with its great facilities, delicious food, and awesome service.

This article was first published on SunStar Davao on August 21, 2019 under my Kape Diaries column. Click the link here to visit the original story.

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