A break at Park Inn

I was looking forward to ending a busy week last June with another staycation at a different hotel this time. Thanks to Park Inn by Radisson Davao, I spent two nights with them during my rest day.

Park Inn by Radisson Davao

I had a late check-in during my stay here as I was coming from work. However, check-in was a breeze when I arrived.

The hotel’s reception (Photo taken sometime in January 2018)

Park Inn’s interior has a contemporary design with splashes of blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. I like how the colors of the hotel give off a fun and lively vibe.

The hotel’s lobby area

As you enter the hotel’s main entrance, to the right is the hotel’s RBG restaurant and a small lounge area. The restaurant is where the breakfast buffet is served. Then to the left is the much bigger lounge area and the function rooms.

For my stay here, I was booked in a standard room, which I find to be really nice and welcoming.

As I enter my room, I am greeted with a short walkway. To my left was the bathroom complete with basic toiletries and amenities you can find in a business hotel.

I had a great sleep on this comfortable bed at Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Waiting for me is a comfortable queen-sized bed. The best part was I have all the four pillows to myself. The closet can be found near the bed. On the right side of the bed was a love seat.

Across the bed was the television. There was a table below the television where the minibar was located. On top of the table were the complimentary water, coffee, and tea. There was also a water heater beside it.

The wide work table is great for those who want to do some work or just surf the internet while staying at the hotel

Next to the television was a wide work table. Though it may be a small thing for some, I really love hotels that provide a decently sized work table. When not lounging on the bed, I was here at the work table updating my blog, processing photos, surfing the internet, or streaming a series or movie on Netflix.

SM Lanang Premier as seen from my room

My room also has a pretty nice view of SM Lanang Premier.

The great thing about the hotel was its proximity to the mall, where you can pretty much grab anything you may need should you forget to bring something or just want to look for other options as to where to eat or what to do.

Before going to sleep on my first night, I decided that I would spend a few hours binge-watching something on Netflix. However, they had a problem with their internet connection for a few hours after I checked in at the hotel.

Eventually, I was able to connect to their Wi-Fi late in the evening. Despite the hiccups with the connection, the internet speed was pretty decent. I was able to enjoy whatever I was watching on Netflix.

During my two-night stay at the hotel, I had a really comfortable rest. I also took full advantage of their blackout curtains to get a really good sleep. I alo made sure the room was pretty cold to make sleeping conditions better.

I woke up refreshed in the morning and was ready to start my day.

Breakfast is served at the RBG Bar and Grill

Here at the Park Inn Hotel, you can start your mornings right at the gym or at the swimming pool on the second floor. But for some us, we would rather start our mornings with a bang by having a full breakfast at the buffet at the RBG restaurant on the ground floor.

A tummy filling breakfast to start my day

Park Inn has a simple breakfast buffet spread, which includes a bread selection, seasonal fruits, cereals, hot options, an egg station, and a juice station, among others. Food quality was pretty okay too.

I decided to have breakfast at around 8:00 a.m. hoping that not many people would be at the restaurant. To my surprise, the restaurant was pretty crowded. During my visit, there was a large group of tourists staying in the hotel. Based on what they were wearing, they were ready to go to the beach. Hence, the early crowd. However, the crowd started to fizzle out at around 9:00 a.m.

Fruits and some kakanin to end my breakfast

During the last day of my staycation, I had breakfast at around the same time. This time, the crowd was quite light. The breakfast crowd started to build up at around 9 a.m.

I had a great staycation at Park Inn by Radisson Davao. I had a comfortable sleep in my room and had a great breakfast at the RBG Restaurant. The internet was pretty fast to keep me entertained for the most part of my stay here.

When in Davao City, Park Inn Radisson by Davao is your home away from home.

This article was first published in SunStar Davao on July 17, 2019 under my Kape Diaries column. Click here to check the story online.

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  1. Great for you to promote this hotel in your blog. It looks nice the way you described it. I will also be interested though of the star rating of the hotel as well as how costly it will be to stay there.

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