Quick lunch in Tugbok, Davao City

My boss and I recently visited our company’s partner community in the Marilog area of Davao City. We went there early in the morning then went back to downtown Davao city at around lunch time. Instead of stopping by one of the fast food chains in the area, we had lunch at a popular hito-an (catfish) restaurant, Santander, for a quick lunch. We  called them in advance and ordered deep fried hito and kinilaw, a Filipino version of a ceviche.

Deep fried hito

I did not eat the kinilaw because I do not eat it since I usually get an upset stomach after eating it. However, the deep fried hito was delicious! The hito was perfectly cooked, it was not dry and the skin was crunchy. I had two of those.

My delicious lunch

The price of their food was also affordable. I cannot remember the price of each food but we spent less than P1,000, which includes rice and drinks.

It is located right along the highway in Los Amigos, Tugbok District, Davao City.

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