Lunch at the Molave

While my office is just along Jacinto Ave., I have never had a meal at the Molave Family Diner.

Recently, I had the chance to have lunch here with some colleagues.

The place does need some sort of renovation or an updated look because right now it looks really old. Judging by the looks of the place, I did not have high expectations for the food.

But I was in for quite a surprise.

For lunch, I ordered the Greaseless Chicken, Mojos, and Leche Flan for dessert.


My meal started with the Mojos. It was really good! I find it to be flavorful and the dip on the side was perfect for the mojos. Even without the dip, I find their mojos to be delicious. What a great way to start the meal here.

The Greaseless Chicken was served next. For those who have not been here, their Greaseless Chicken is their bestseller and specialty. This dish did not disappoint. The chicken was juicy and I just loved the skin, which I find to be really tasty.

Lastly was the Leche Flan, which was served in some sort of syrup, the name I forgot. I really enjoyed this dessert. It was creamy and sinfully sweet. However, I do find it too expensive as it was really small for a P65 leche flan.

I really enjoyed my meal here and would love to come back again soon. However, I also hope that they will soon be able to improve the look and feel of the restaurant.

This article was originally published in SunStar Davao. Click here to see the article.

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