What makes Cocio choco milk great

Who does not love a delicious chocolate milk? Whether it is hot or cold, a nice cup of chocolate milk will always leave you satisfied (sometimes wanting more).

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Cocio’s Classic Chocolate Milk has just the right amount of cocoa, milk, and sugar to satisfy your chocolate milk cravings. The right balance of the three ingredients gave the drink a distinct taste that many of us have enjoyed.

After research and enjoying a few bottles of the chocolate milk, there are three main things that I think makes the Cocio Classic Chocolate Milk taste great.

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First is its timeless taste. Since 1951, this Danish chocolate milk drink has been using the same recipe and ingredients — fresh milk, the best UTZ certified cocoa from Africa and some sugar — for their Classic Chocolate Milk for a distinctly rich yet refreshing taste.

The Classic Chocolate Milk pairs well with these cookies by For the Love of Baking

Next is the process the precious chocolate milk undergoes before it reaches the shelves at the supermarket.

Cocio explains it clearly and amusingly on their website:

We mix the three ingredients; milk, cocoa and sugar and pour it into glass bottles (or cans) and the lid is put on. Then the bottles are put into a large cooker for about 20 minutes. It’s this cooking process that gives Cocio its unique and creamy taste – because at the exact right temperature the sugar caramelises, the magic happens and the delicious, unique and creamy taste of Cocio comes to life. Nobody has ever been inside the cooker, when this happens, but we’re pretty sure…

Lastly, another key aspect of their yummy chocolate milk is they only use UTZ certified cocoa.

“By having the UTZ certification, Cocio wants to support a responsible beginning-to-end cocoa production process – from the small farmers all the way to the bottle in your hand. The UTZ Certified cacao programme includes targeted training for farmers that contributes to a higher income and improved living conditions,” Cocio said on their website.

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Enjoy Cocio’s Classic Chocolate Milk drink with friends

For your next chocolate drink, be sure it is the Cocio Classic Chocolate Milk, it does not only taste great but you are also supporting sustainable cocoa farming.

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Visit cocio.com to know more about Cocio and utzcertified.org to know more about UTZ certification.

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