A refreshing dinner at The Green Bounty Kitchen

In May, The Green Bounty Kitchen opened in SM Lanang Premier offering mall-goers healthy and at the same time hearty meals.

“This cafe is built around the farm-to-table idea…I want to promote organic food with no preservatives and to make healthy food more accessible to the public,” said Michaela Angela Gonzalez, owner of the restaurant, in a statement.

During SM Lanang Premier’s Connect media forum, the media were given a sampler of what the restaurant has to offer. They served portions of salad, Chicken Wrap, and Basil Pesto Pasta, more on that below.

Anyway, the sampler served definitely got my interest and a couple of days later, I found the time to travel from downtown Davao City to SM Lanang Premier and try their food.


The Green Bounty Kitchen is located at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, in front of Uniqlo, under the escalator.


I think the restaurant looks nice. I love the plants surrounding it; I think it gives a relaxing and airy atmosphere to the restaurant despite its location.

Their seating options are great for  pairs or single diners but can be joined together if you are a group.


They are offering wraps, pizzadillas, pastas, salads, and Filipino snacks. They also serve beverages. They also sell organic rice, gourmet tuyo, and salad dressings, among others.

As for the price of their offerings, it is affordable ranging between P100 to P180 for the food while the beverages are below P100.

As mentioned earlier, for the sampler we were served the Dabawenyo Salad (P150), Chicken Wrap (P100), and Basil Pesto Pasta (P160). We were also served their natural juices for the day (P30 for 12oz and P50 for 16oz).

Dabawenyo Salad (P150), Chicken Wrap (P100), and Basil Pesto Pasta (P160)

I forgot the dressing we had for the Dabawenyo Salad but it was some sort of vinaigrette. Anyway, the salad was great. The vegetables in the salad were fresh and I like the pop of sweetness coming from the pomelo.

You can be assured that the vegetables served here are fresh as they are sourced from the Gonzalez Nature Farm in Eden, Toril, Davao City.

The Chicken Wrap was also delicious.

For my visit here, I ordered the Basil Pesto Pasta and Kani Wrap (P100). I also had their natural juice of the day, the Pineapple with calamansi (P50 for 16oz).

I had the option to choose the other pasta dishes they had to offer but when we had the Basil Pesto Pasta sampler, for some reason, I was never able to really appreciate it but I think it was pretty good. I wanted more of it and so I just had to try it again.

Basil Pesto Pasta

I was not disappointed for having it again, this time I can say it tasted great and I liked it.
However, the portion of bread that came with it was chewy and cold but it doesn’t matter since the pasta was really good.

Kani Wrap

The Kani Wrap was delicious! I liked this more than the Chicken Wrap, which was also great. For someone who has a tendency to eat a lot, I usually find wraps to be a heavy meal (I know, it’s weird). However, this wrap was bright, light, and refreshing with the fresh lettuce, cucumber, and carrots. I like how the vegetables complement the kani. Also the kani was not just in the center of the wrap, it was from point to point unlike some meals I had with kani, which are served in small portions. What really got me excited about this dish was the nori inside! It was a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting it to be there. For someone who loves nori and kani, this wrap was a joy to eat and I will not hesitate to order it again.

Pineapple and Calamansi juice

The Pineapple and Calamansi juice was also refreshingly good. On a separate visit I had the Cucumber with Calamansi juice, which was also refreshingly good.

Overall, I enjoyed the food I tried here and would definitely try their other offerings here soon.


The service I experienced during my dinner here was wonderful. The staff were friendly and they have a smile on their face. They were also polite.

One staff though stood out among the rest and that was the cashier, whose name I failed to ask. She was an awesome front line staff as she was friendly, polite, and efficient. She’s the kind of front-line staff that I wish other restaurants or cafes also have. Kudos to The Green Bounty Kitchen for having her as part of their team!

The service was also pretty fast, food was served in less than 10 minutes.


My dinning experience at The Green Bounty Kitchen was wonderful. The food was delicious and the service was just great.

Personally, I think this is one of the more affordable restaurants out there offering healthy meals, which I think can be too pricey in some restaurants. This is also a great alternative to the fast food chains commonly found in malls.

I recommend you have your merienda, lunch, or dinner here whenever you are at SM Lanang Premier.


Location: Ground floor, SM Lanang Premier, in front of Uniqlo
Business hours: Mall hours
Contact details: 0920 655 7640 and thegreenbountykitchen@gmail.com
Facebook: The Green Bounty Kitchen
Other information: The Green Bounty Kitchen is under Green Bounty, the marketing arm of the homegrown Gonzalez Nature Farm

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