Bagels and Coffee

The last time I visited Glasshouse Coffee was around the time when movement restrictions were still strict. That was around a year ago.

I remember the last time I came before they closed for renovations was in September 2020 to buy some cookies. By October, they were closed for renovation and the expansion of their shop.

When they announced on Instagram that they will be reopening in February 2021, I was both excited and sad. Sad because I was still in Polomolok by the time they reopen. Excited because when I saw their photos, the newly renovated coffee shop looked amazing.

When I saw the photos on their Instagram page, I got excited. The cozy coffee shop looked homier, cozier, and greener. I told myself that when I return to Davao City, I would visit them.

It took a while before I could visit them since returning to Davao City. When I found the right time to visit them, I reserved a table for four and dragged my friends with me. The reservation was on a weekend at brunch.


Glasshouse Coffee has extended the dining area and they now have a table that could accommodate at least four persons. The counter area at the back of the shop was expanded to accommodate the kitchen.

They also removed the sofa near the counter area. In place of the sofa were the stools and table ledge.

While the shop was expanded, I find it to still be homier and cozier. I think what makes the shop cozy is it being surrounded by potted and hanging plants.

Among the coffee shops in the city, I think Glasshouse Coffee is a winner when it comes to ambiance.


For brunch, I ordered the Bacon Bagel, Mt. Apo pour-over coffee, chocolate chip cookie, and brownie. I shared the chocolate chip cookie and brownie with my friends, just to be clear. (LOL)

My friends ordered the Smoked Salmon Bagel, Bagel of Champs, Latte, and an Iced Americano.

Allow me to rave about the Bacon Bagel. Its bagel sandwich with honey-brushed bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs, and mayo. While this may seem like a simple bagel sandwich with simple ingredients, I find it to be very delicious. I love the sweet and savory aspects of the sandwich. I love how every component of this bagel sandwich complemented one another. I also liked the chewiness of their bagel. If I had extra cash with me, I would not hesitate to order another one.

It seemed like they changed the recipe for their chocolate chip cookie. This was not the chocolate chip cookie I met two years ago. The new version, I think, tastes better than the one I have in the past. What I love about this is they are using smaller chocolate chips. This makes it less messy to eat.

Their brownie was also good. I love its fudginess. I also liked that it is topped with a dash of salt.

The Mt. Apo pour-over was also great. I love its acidity and I liked its tea-like quality. It had a fruity note to it and I liked the clean finish. It paired nicely with the bagel sandwich, cookies, and brownies.

The Smoked Salmon Bagel has cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions, capers, and dill. My friends seemed to like it and one of them said it was quite good. I did not taste it because I do not eat smoked salmon (hehehe).

The Bagel of the Champs is one full meal in itself. This generously stacked bagel sandwich has dijonnaise, romaine lettuce, tomato, smoked farmer’s ham, hashbrown, emmental cheese, and scrambled egg. I will try this in my next visit.

My friends also enjoyed their Latte and Iced Americano. I got a sip of the americano and it was a good cup of Iced Americano.


The service we experienced was quite good. I think the staff were friendly and accommodating.

I also had no trouble in making a reservation through their Instagram page. When we arrived, they directed us to the table for four near the entrance.

Minimum health standard protocols were also in place. For example, an alcohol dispenser was outside the shop. There were also reminders for diners to observe social distancing and to only remove their face masks when eating.


I love the latest improvements Glasshouse Coffee made, whether it was their menu or their expansion.

Despite making their shop bigger, they were still able to keep the cozy and homey vibe that I have known them for.

I saw the biggest improvement in their menu. I like that they have added more filling options when it comes to food. The bagel sandwiches were enough to satisfy your hunger and their improved chocolate chip cookies were a joy to eat.

Glasshouse Coffee is a must-visit coffee shop for Dabawenyos. They serve a good cup of coffee that you can pair with their freshly baked pastries while enjoying it quietly in the coziness of the coffee shop.


Location: Oboza Ancestral Compound, Rizal St.

Business hours: Sunday and Monday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Instagram: @glasshousecoffeeph

Note: Customers are urged to book a table through their Instagram page

Friendly reminder: Please observe minimum health protocols when visiting our local coffee shops

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