A ‘Darkk’ discovery

WHEN it comes to coffee shop distribution in Davao City, you do not find many in the Northern area. Most coffee shops I have been to are mainly in the central downtown area or somewhere in Matina.

Therefore, I was excited when I found out that a small mobile coffee shop opened in the area. My first visit to this shop was a “fail” because I went when they were about to close. Anyway, I was able to plan better and was finally able to visit them.

Darkk Coffee is found in the corner of Aquamarine and Diamond Ave. of Diamond Village Phase 1

Darkk Coffee Co. can be found in Diamond Village Phase 1. Once you enter the subdivision, you will spot this lot with a building painted in black with pink accents. Outside the building is a black mobile coffee shop.

The look and feel of the mobile coffee shop give it some kind of an international flair. And speaking of “flair,” I think this is the first time I saw a manual espresso maker being used by a small coffee shop. As far as my memory goes, most people I know who have a manual espresso maker usually use it for home consumption.

Darkk Coffee

Darkk’s coffee menu, while simple, does offer several kinds of espresso-based drinks for its customers. There are enough options for both heavy and casual coffee drinkers.

I wanted to order a pour-over coffee for my first visit. However, I already had two cups of coffee, one of them being a cold brew, prior to coming here. Hence, I opted to have an espresso-based drink with milk. I settled for the Spanish Latte.

As I waited for my drink, I watched the barista prepare my drink using the manual espresso maker. After grinding the coffee beans, he puts the ground coffee inside the brew head. Next, he pours hot water into the cylinder. Then, he presses the handle down to pull a shot of espresso. I really find this method of pulling a shot of espresso fascinating.

From grinding the coffee beans to serving me my drink, it took around five to seven minutes for my drink to be ready.

Spanish Latte

I sat on one of the benches and enjoyed this cup of Spanish Latte. I love how it was not very sweet. It just had that right amount of sweetness that had me drinking it like water rather than sipping and savoring it. It was a good Spanish Latte.

I also found myself enjoying the cool breeze as I sat on the bench.

Around a week later, I found myself coming back here again after eating at this new restaurant in Damosa Gateway.

Cookie Dough Latte

It was around 4 p.m. already when I came here. For this visit, I ordered Darkk’s Cookie Dough Latte. It was a very interesting drink. You get the coffee and the milk. Then, the cookie dough flavor hits you. What I find interesting about this flavor was how medicinal but sweet it tastes on my first sip. The cookie dough flavor then comes through after a few more sips. It was an interesting drink.

Ian Balili, Darkk Coffee Co.’s owner, prepares a pour-over for one of the customers

I also had the chance to get to know Ian, the barista and owner of Darkk, more during the second visit. He shared how he is a returning overseas Filipino worker from Kuwait. He also used to work as a barista and Kuwait but opted to return to the country to be with his family. He invested a portion of his earnings to put up this mobile coffee shop.

I made another visit before the Christmas break.

Good Cup Coffee’s Honduras El Puente (Anaerobic washed Gesha). A cup of this is expected to have notes of red apple, nectarine, white grape, and cinnamon.

For this visit, I ordered a pour-over coffee. When I was choosing my beans, Ian suggested I try Good Cup Coffee’s Honduras El Puente (Anaerobic washed Gesha). The coffee’s flavor profile includes red apple, nectarine, white grape, and cinnamon. He shared he does not normally recommend this because of the P400 price tag per serving. But I was feeling a bit adventurous and brought some extra cash with me. So, I ordered it.

Ian brewing my coffee using the pour-over method

Ian carefully prepared the pour-over coffee that I ordered. When he started brewing, I was able to recognize that sweet and spicy aroma of the cinnamon. As someone who loves cinnamon, I got excited about the coffee I am to get.

A pour-over of Good Cup Coffee’s Honduras El Puente (Anaerobic washed Gesha). I was able to get the notes of red apple and cinnamon.

After brewing, he poured the coffee into a paper cup. I smelled the coffee and could still smell the cinnamon. I waited for a few more minutes for the coffee to cool down a bit. When it was not too hot to drink, I took a sip. It was a good cup of pour-over coffee. I really got the cinnamon that I have been waiting to taste. I also got hints of the red apple towards the end. However, I think the paper cup affected the taste of the coffee the more I allowed it to cool down. Probably, Darkk could have some small ceramic cups for the pour-overs, especially those that are of really good quality.

I am very happy about this “Darkk” discovery I made. I liked the coffee I had here. I also like their location where you can just sit back and relax while you enjoy your cup of coffee. Darkk Coffee Co. is a great addition to the growing coffee scene in this part of Davao City.


Location: Diamond Village Phase 1, Mamay

Business hours: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday; Closed on Sundays

Email: darkkcoffee@gmail.com

Contact No.: (0961) 091 1801

Social media: Facebook | Instagram

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