What I love to order at Indanganese Takoyaki

I was first introduced to Indanganese Takoyaki in early 2021 when they opened their main branch along Jacinto Ext. And after I tried their takoyaki, I have been thinking about it since then.

What makes their takoyaki special is they did not hold it back when it comes to the ingredients. I can say that they use the best ingredients they can and at the same time offer it at an affordable price. Their takoyaki sauce, called Indanganese Sauce, is also very delicious.

When I heard that Indanganese Takoyaki opened its Damosa Gateway branch last year and offered an expanded menu, I got excited.

Inganganese Takkoyaki – Prime

Called Indanganese Takoyaki – Prime, their Damosa branch offers a more spacious dining area. It also offers other Japanese street food like okonomiyaki, spam musubi, bubble waffle, karaage, and donburi.

It is always a happy tummy after each visit here. I love the food and think it was delicious overall.

Here are my favorite dishes at Indanganese Takoyaki



The highlight at Indanganese Takkoyaki would definitely be their takoyaki. Their takoyaki has just the right balance between the takoyaki batter and the filling. Another thing I love about their takoyaki is the Indanganese Sauce. It is a sweet and salty sauce with a bit of tanginess.

Currently, they have seven kinds of takoyaki – Regular, Octobits, Cheese, Quail, Octocheese, Whole Baby Octopus, and Takoyakisaurus. I suggest the Whole Baby Octopus Takoyaki for those who are a bit adventurous. It is literally a whole baby octopus on the takoyaki.

My favorite is the Quail Takoyaki, which has a whole quail egg inside

Sweet and Spicy Tori Don

Sweet and Spicy Tori Don

This is a rice bowl of sweet and spicy karaage chicken. The karaage chicken is already flavorful, and the sweet and spicy glaze adds another layer of flavor to it

Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi

This is marinated spam and rice wrapped in an aonori. I think the spam musubi is the ultimate to-go meal that is filling and delicious. They also have a rice bowl version of this, and I recommend it too.

House Drink Apple Yogurt

House Drink Apple Yogurt

This is a refreshing green apple yogurt drink with popper sinkers. This is the perfect drink to go along with your takoyaki and donburi. The best part of the drink is the popper sinkers. I just love how it pops in my mouth

Karaage Don

Karaage Don

The Karaage Don is marinated crispy chicken topped with Japanese mayo. The karaage is tasty and has a nice crunch to it. What I also like about it is how it is not too oily.

These are my top favorites at Indanganese Takoyaki. I would also recommend the other food they offer, like the okonomiyaki and the yakisoba, which are great for sharing. They also have bubble waffles for those looking for sweets after their meal.

Indanganese Takoyaki is just one of those food establishments I love to keep going back to because of the good food they serve that is affordably priced. Every time I come here, it is not enough that I only order the Sweet and Spicy Tori Don, I will order a takoyaki or spam musubi to go with it.


Indanganese Takoyaki – Bangkal
Driver Stop, Central Park, Bangkal Davao City
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Indanganese Takoyaki – Torres (Main Branch)
Metrolifestyle Compound, F. Torres cor Jacinto Ext, Davso City
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Indanganese Takoyaki – Prime (Damosa Branch)
Damosa Complex, Mamay Road, Davao City
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Contact details:
Torres branch: 09672472519
Damosa: 09672472520
Bangkal: 09672472521

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