Missing Dumaguete

It amuses me that it has been four years since I graduated from Silliman University (SU) and two years since I last visited Dumaguete City. It is funny to me as to how time flies by so fast that we will only realize it if we reminisce certain memories in the past couple of years.

Anyway, I have been thinking about the City of Gentle People lately and here are some of the things that I miss about living in Dumaguete:

SU Cafeteria’s cheese bread  

This bread is a popular snack for many Sillimanians and Dumagueteños. It is usually available in the morning, I think around 8am, and in the afternoon, around 3pm or 4pm. I remember dropping by the cafeteria to buy a piece or two of cheese bread before going to my afternoon class. I usually pair it Nestle’s Chuckie, a chocolate drink, and they go perfectly well together. I would describe the bread as soft while the cheese filling was just right, not too cheesy or sweet.

Aside from the cheese bread, I also love the cafeteria’s humba and mamon.

Sans Rival’s silvanas

When people ask me what they should bring home from Dumaguete, I would immediately suggest Sans Rival’s silvanas, a frozen cookie with buttercream sandwich between two soft wafers. I love how sweet and tasty it is.


Since I left Dumaguete, I haven’t tasted a silvanas that will top Sans Rival’s but if you know any, especially here in Davao City, please comment below. 😉

If you plan on making this as your pasalubong, make sure you put in a small ice box so that it will prevent it from melting rapidly.  When you reach home make sure to put it immediately in the freezer.

Aside from the silvanas, Sans Rival also has a number of delicious cakes, pastries, and comfort food. For those with a sweet tooth, be sure to drop by here. Check out their Facebook page to know more!

Shows at the Luce Auditorium, SU

One of the things that I will always miss about studying in SU or living in Dumaguete City is having the opportunity to watch great performances at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.


During my college days, I was able to watch and be amazed with the awesome performances of the country’s and the world’s best performing artists at a legit theater. Among the performing groups whom I have watched include, Ballet Manila, Ballet Philippines, The Ryan Cayabyab Singers, Madrigal Singers, Philippine Opera Company, and Silly People’s Improv Theater Manila, to name a few.

I also fanboyed when I witnessed the performances of the maestro Ryan Cayabyab; the elegance and grace of prima ballerina Liza Macuja-Elizalde; and the one and only Cherrie Gil.

The university’s very own Silliman Band and Kahayag Dancers also performed on the stage of Luce. Local performers also have graced the stage. Student-led productions have also been staged at the theater.

I think the experience of watching these performers on a theater stage is just different from watching their performances in the mall or at a hotel.

Since I started working here in Davao City, I have been looking forward to watch performance from these groups. Sadly, when there is one, I usually miss it, either because I did not know about it or was not able to watch it due to the busy schedule.

The chill life of Dumaguete City

As compared to many cities in the country, Dumaguete is somewhat a very quiet and relaxing town. It is just a very chill town.


During class hours, I bask in the beauty of the SU campus at the same time procrastinate. After classes, me and some friends would walk around the downtown area chilling at some of the coffee shops or fast food joints. Sometimes we find ourselves hanging out at the Rizal Boulevard snacking on fish balls, squid balls, and tempura.

I just miss the simplicity of the City of Gentle People.

Hibalag Festival

Every August, SU celebrates its founding anniversary with a week long celebration. One of the highlights of this festive week is, aside from not having any classes for some, the Hibalag Booth Festival, which is held at the open field area near the gym.

The open field is transformed into like a small town, containing booths of various campus organizations, sponsors, and local vendors. The booths of the organizations are not just portable tent booths, like those of the sponsors and local vendors, but are actually variations of huts. Some booths have one floor, others have two, while the ROTC unit have a freaking tower. You go there and is like a town fiesta with all kinds of activities at night ranging from singing contests to pageants to concerts.

In the morning and afternoon, the pop-up town is quiet and sleeping but once the sun sets, the fun begins.

I sifted through old photos but unfortunately, I was not able to find a photo of the festival. However, here below is a Youtube video documenting the Hibalag festivities:

Those are just some of the things that I miss about Dumaguete City, I could go on, like eating at Gabby’s Bistro, enjoying the super fast wifi of Bethel’s Guest House (the last I checked, it was still fast) and eating at Cafe Filomena, cheap and good quality food at nearby carinderias, just to name a few.

Hopefully, in the coming future, I will be able to visit the city that has been a huge part of my college life.


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  1. great post, food looks good! i missed going to dumaguete when i toured several islands in central visayas last summer. your ppst inspired me to really try and see this place.

    1. You should 🙂 Be sure to drop by SU Cafeteria and Sans Rival while you are there. I recommend you go there around the 3rd week of August, it is when SU is celebrating their founders week 🙂

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