Portal to a different world

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”
– Vera Nazarain

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”
– William Styron

At a very young age I have always been interested in books and with wonderful parents, they fostered and developed this habit of mine. Growing up my parents would prefer that I buy books over toys, as parent say it, “It is a good investment.”

Whether the book is new or second hand, whether it is bought from a book store or garage sale, I wouldn’t mind as long as it is one awesome book.

What I enjoy best about books is it allows me to journey in a different world as a different person. Sometimes you are this highly skilled operative of a secret organization (Grayson Pierce from the Sigma Force novel series by James Rollins) or you are this cat leading or trying to help your clan (Jayfeather from Warrior series by Erin Hunter).

Whatever book you read, its author takes you to a whole different world, in a different era, as a different person. As Alan Bennet puts it, “A book is a device to ignite the imagination.”

In my current job, I have the capacity to buy books I want. Recently, I have bought a number of books to put in the small shelf in my room. Most of my books generally lean on the adventure, mystery, suspense, and thriller genres.

Every payday or the day after, I would find myself walking inside Book Sale, Full Booked, or National Bookstore hoping to find one, two, or more books that seem to have an awesome story. If I like the description at the back cover, I buy It.

When you find books you want in the book store.
When you find books you want in the book store. (giphy.com)

“Let the books speak to you. Listen as they call you,” said Stella Estremera, my former boss and current editor-in-chief of Sun.Star Davao. (Well she said it something like that.)

Recently, I have been drawn into books written by James Rollins and Steve Berry. Aside from the plot of their fictions, I like how they incorporate historical and scientific facts, theories, or discoveries to their stories. I also like how fast paced, thrilling, and action packed their novels are.

Novels by Steve Berry that I currently have. I am already done with The Templar Legacy, which has lots of twists as you go through the pages.
I searched high and low at the bookshelves of Book Sale to find a James Rollins Novel. The 6th Extinction is the only one I bought from Fully Booked.

Aside from the books by these two amazing authors, I also have books from other authors and of the different genre. The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling was handed to me by Ma’am Stella and I am very excited to read it.

I am also excited to start reading Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye and Greg Dinallo and The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz.

Other books filling by shelf.
Other books filling my shelf.
Comics and humor books also take up space in the shelf.
Comics and humor books also take up space in the shelf.

Reading books or novels allows me to briefly escape the stress or pressure of the environment I am in even though it will be only a few minutes or an hour or so.

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”
– Paul Sweeney

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