Lunching at F. Torres St.

There are a number of food establishments I really wanted to try along F. Torres St., which is among the major food districts in Davao City. A few weeks ago I decided to visit two food establishments there, Happy Fit and the new kid on the block, Cafe de Flore.

Lunch at Happy Fit


For lunch I ordered the Burgainz (P129) and the Nutri Waffle (P49).

The Burgainz came with Frux’s Vegetable chips, which are great and the best part of the meal. The patty was dry and it started to crumble after a few more bites and had to eat the burger using a fork and knife.


On the other hand, the Nutri Waffle, which came with a generous amount of butter and honey, was great. It is also a very tummy-filling meal. I enjoyed my waffles.

Nutri Waffle

Thoughts on Happy Fit

Happy Fit offers healthy meals to its customers. The price of their food is affordable and I find the serving portions to be quite generous.

I enjoyed the waffles but not the burger. I am also curious to try their rice bowls, which looks delicious based on the photos on the menu.

The service when I ate here was just okay, it was neither good nor bad. When I came in the restaurant one of the staff, who was chilling, had her feet on one of the chairs for the customers.

Dessert at Cafe de Flore


Featuring mostly french cuisine, this cafe is one of the newer restaurants in the city. I dropped by here for dessert.

I ordered the Opera Cake Ala-Tony (P95) and paired it with a cup of brewed coffee (P95).

Opera Cake Ala-Tony
Brewed Coffe

The cake tasted better than it looked. It was rich and the sweetness was just right. It also paired with the coffee well.

Thoughts on Cafe de Flore

The cafe offers a range of French dishes, there are also some other Western and European dishes offered. Based on the menu, it seems like they are a fine dining restaurant.

The price of their dishes are also quite high but when it comes to the desserts and beverages, the price was quite affordable. I hope to try some of their main dishes soon because it sounded delicious.

The service I got when I visited was great. The staff were very attentive and friendly.

Cafe de Flore has an open kitchen so expect the place to be somewhat smoky. It was quite smoky when I went there.

Update: Sadly, Cafe de Flore has closed its store at F. Torres St. I checked their Facebook page and there is neither a notice if they will be opening anytime soon nor transfer to a new location.


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