Brunch at Open Table

Damosa is one of the major food districts in Davao City with a number of pretty good local restaurants that you can try. I have always wanted to explore the restaurants and cafe here but I find Damosa to be quite far from where I’m staying.

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived an too early for a news coverage at Damosa Gateway, where most restaurants and cafes are concentrated. Instead of hanging out at a fast food chain, I decided to try one of the restaurants in the area. During that time it was Open Table and Cafe Firenzo that I noticed are open. I opted to try Open Table, which I have been wanting to try for some time now.



Open Table is a pretty neat place in terms of interior design. I find the ambiance of the restaurant to be very homey and relaxing. I also like how well lighted the place is in the morning.


There are a decent amount of tables and chairs, most of them can cater to pairs and solo diners.


Open Table offers mainly comfort food with burgers, pastas, and rice meals among others. Prices of their are pretty reasonable at around P100 to P200+.

For my brunch here, I ordered the House Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice (P100) and the Cereal French Toast with Graham Butter (P150).

House Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice (P100)

I find the House Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice was pretty delicious though it was borderline salty. The chicken served was juicy and properly cooked while the garlic rice was tasty.

Cereal French Toast with Graham Butter (P150)

I think the Cereal French Toast with Graham Butter was phenomenal. I love the crunch from the cereal and the graham butter was really good. I love french toast and I think this dish made me really happy.


The service I received was also great. The staff were friendly and accommodating. My orders were also served in around 10 minutes probably because I was the only customer during that time.


I enjoyed my quick brunch here at Open Table. Overall, I find the food here to be really good. The prices are also reasonable, not too expensive. The service I received was also good.

I would definitely like to try more of the food they offer here soon.


Location: Damosa Gateway, Damosa beside Cafe Firenzo

Contact details: (082) 285 2046

Business hours:
Monday to Friday – 10:00am to 12:00am
Saturday and Sundays – 10:00am to 2:00am

Facebook: Open Table

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