Dinner at Dug-ab

Me and my awesome friend Isa have not gone out to dinner for a while. We made plans but it never materialized.

A couple of weeks ago, while at work, I suddenly messaged her that we should have dinner before we ran out of money. 😉

We agreed to meet on the same day and I decided that we check out this new restaurant, Dug-ab, which I found out about after seeing posts from Davao Foodtographer.



Dug-ab features an industrial-inspired interior design. I love the pop of green from the plants as it adds color to the place.

There are bar tables and chairs that can accommodate at most three diners each and regular tables with benches that can accommodate around four diners.


Dug-ab offers a diverse menu of fusion cuisine with prices of their ala carte meals ranging from P150 to P350. There are also meals below P150.

What I really liked about Dug-ab are its main course selections, which you can customize. You have the option for the kind of rice, its flavor, a side dish, and unlimited house drinks.

For the rice you can choose from white rice, red rice, brown rice, or black rice while for its flavors you have the option of adobo, Irish beef stew, jambalaya, onion, pomodoro, or pork and shrimp. Your options for the side dish include buttered vegetables, grilled corn, mashed potato.

For our visit here, I ordered the Chicken Pomelo Surprise (P199) with adobo flavored red rice. Isa had the Tikka Goujons (P219) with onion flavored black rice. Our sides were both grilled corns since it was the only one available at that time.

Chicken Pomelo Surprise with adobo flavored red rice

The Chicken Pomelo Surprise was good. It was like sweet and sour chicken but with a kick of pomelo. The adobo flavored red rice was phenomenal.

Tikka Goujons with onion flavored black rice

Isa enjoyed her Tikka Goujons (P219) with onion flavored black rice. I also had a taste of it and it was pretty good.

Malagos Tablea Flan

For our dessert, we had the Malagos Tablea Flan. We were also supposed to order the Durian Chocolate Mousse but it has just been loaded into the refrigerator when we visited the Dug-ab. Anyway, the flan was pleasantly good. I love the balance of sweetness and bitterness of the flan.


Overall, the service was great when we visited Dug-ab. The staff were friendly and attentive. Food was also served within 15 minutes.


Me and Isa enjoyed our visit here at Dug-ab. The food was great and we got our money’s worth. I do recommend you drop by here for a meal.


Location: The Bricklane Square Compound Unit 4 Palma Gil & C De Guzman Sts., Bo. Obrero, Davao City

Business hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm daily

Contact details: (082) 273 2441

Facebook: Dug-ab

Contact details: (082) 273 2441

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