Brew Bar: A new hang out at Marfori

During the day, Meridian Specialty Coffee is known as a supplier of equipment, coffee beans, and other products a coffee shop or cafe may need.


However, once the clock strikes 6:00 p.m., more than half of the place becomes the latest hang out place for friends in Marfori.

The Brew Bar serves its visitors coffee and liquor that they can enjoy with their companions.  They also have some food you can enjoy while chilling here.

For my recent visits here, I had the Espresso Tonic, Cappuccino, and an Americano. I was also able to try their artisan brew and a shot of their cold brew.

Espresso Tonic

The Espresso Tonic was a refreshing drink and I enjoyed every sip of it.



The Cappuccino and Americano were also great. I also loved the brewed coffee they offer here.


Franco Roque, the owner of Brew Bar, said the cafe is not simply the newest hangout place in the city but it will allow them to showcase their products at Meridian Specialty Coffee.

The Brew Bar’s mural by local artist Paolo Ramirez

I love the relaxing and casual ambiance of the coffee shop. Personally, I love that they chose tones of brown for the dominant color of their interior as I find it very easy on the eyes. The mural by local artist Paolo Ramirez also adds personality and color to the cafe.

The Brew Bar offers a new destination for friends and colleagues who just want to spend some time together and relax before going home.

The Brew Bar is located along the Circumferential Road in Marfori. It is in front of Batu Cafe.

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