Coffee escape in Baguio

Despite the tight schedule we had to a recent trip in Baguio City, I was able to find time to visit one of its local coffee shops.


Along Outlook Drive, Baguio City is this charming coffee shop called Coffee and Pine. While doing my research, the coffee shop keeps popping up on the top the lists of local cafes to visit in the city. This was also recommended by a friend and former colleague who is now based in Baguio.



Coffee and Pine is a charming and modern coffee shop overlooking a scenery of mountains and trees.


The coffee shop has a hip and cozy interior that will appeal to millenials.


It has two floors. If you want to enjoy with a really good view, then dine at the second floor. You can also enjoy the cool breeze of Baguio at the veranda on the second floor or outdoor dining area at the first floor.

The view from the second floor


For my visit here, I had the Cappuccino, Carbonara, and Brownie ala mode in a mug. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo or notes on the prices of my orders.


The Cappuccino was quite good and was just the right drink for the cool weather when I visited the coffee shop in the afternoon.


The Carbanora, while good, was just a simple carbonara that you can find in some other cafes. I had quite high expectations as because the staff said it is their bestseller. I was expecting some kind of twist on the regular carbonara but sadly it has neither twist nor special thing about it. The best part about this dish was the garlic bread that came with it.

Brownie ala mode

The Brownie ala mode in a mug was the star of my visit here. I just love the contrast you get from the heat coming from the freshly baked brownie and that coolness from the ice cream. The brownie was also not very sweet, which I liked.


The service I experienced here was pretty good. I find the staff to be friendly and accommodating. Since I was the only new customer at the coffee shop on that afternoon, my orders were served in less than 10 minutes.

Their internet connection here was also pretty good. I was able to stream Netflix and make updates on my blog and Facebook page.



It was a pleasant visit to Coffee and Pine. I loved the ambience of the place. The service was quite good and I liked the staff who were handling the place when I visited. While the dessert and beverage were good, the food was just average; nothing special about it.
If you are looking for a place in Baguio to just relax or read a book over coffee, Coffee and Pines is the coffee shop to visit in Baguio City.

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