Lunch at the rice fields

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Lunch at the rice fields
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When we arrived at Desa Visesa Ubud we were greeted with a big Balinese welcome.

Desa Visesa Ubud

At a glance, you would think this is just among the many five-star resorts in the popular Indonesian island. As you pass the reception area, you would discover that the resort is actually unique from those that you may have been to.

What makes Desa Visesa Ubud unique from other resorts is how it is surrounded by rice paddies. I believe we came during a time when the rice straws were still a bright green, making the views at the resort stunning.

Though we did not stay at this resort, we were able to take a tour and enjoy a delicious lunch at their restaurant.

For our lunch, the resort prepared a hearty three-course menu.

Mushroom Soup

We started off with a Mushroom Soup, which was creamy and flavorful

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, and Chardonnay jus

For our main course we had Grilled Beef Tenderloin with vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, and Chardonnay jus. The beef tenderloin was cooked really well and was tender. The mashed sweet potato was also delicious.

Babi Guling

They also served us Babi Guling, a Balinese dish that is suckling pig roasted in a variety of spices served with a side of vegetables and blood sausage. Our host describes it as their version of lechon. What I really love about the dish is its spiciness.

Affogato Tiramisu

For dessert, we had the Affogato Tiramisu, which was beautifully presented. The dessert was a great way to close the meal.

After the delicious meal, we had a quick tour of the resort.

The 6.5-hectare resort was able to effectively marry agriculture and tourism together. Not only did its developers put the two together but it also turned it into a luxury resort.

The resort’s design will likewise impress its visitors as it wonderfully blends traditional architecture and contemporary interior and exterior designs.

Those visiting the resort will not only get to experience relaxation but also activities that you do not get in some luxury resorts. Among the things you can do here is unwind and relax at the Visesa Balinese Healing and Spa at the cave. Here, you will be treated with traditional Balinese healing techniques.

Another activity one can enjoy here is their farm activities. The resort has its Permaculture Program where it promotes eco-friendly practices with two-hectares of the property dedicated to an organic farm. This program also educates its guests on sustainable farming practices.

Allow me to say it again. I love how the resort blended agriculture and tourism together. I think the resort is a good example of agri-tourism.

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