One round at Tagum City’s E-Park

Introduction: A trip to DavNor on Saturday
Brunch at Hilaiza’s
One round at Tagum City’s E-Park
Merienda at Yuyu Cafe

While we did intend to have a food trip at Davao del Norte, Isa made it a point that we do some kind of activity to burn the food that we had.

As she suggested, we visited the Tagum City Energy Park before going to Yuyu Cafe for merienda.

Tagum City Energy Park

What really got me excited about the park is when Isa told me that for P20 per hour, we can bike around the park.

After parking the car, we went to this garage near the park’s entrance to rent a bike. There are a lot of bikes you can choose from to fit your liking. Whether you are an adult or looking one for your child, they have a bike for you.

This is the area of the park where you rent and return the bikes. Whether you are an adult or have a child, they have a bike for you

Once we got our bikes, we went our separate ways to explore the park.

After one round, I have to say that to date, this has to be one of the best parks I have been to in the country. At 25 hectares, the park is huge compared to those in Davao City and there were lots of trees.


Isa and I came here around 1pm to 2pm, I was ecpecting there would be not many but to my surprise there were lots of people at the park — students, athletes, families, friends, and couples. There were kids with their football coach practicing in one of the open areas; there are boy scouts and girl scouts leader having what I think is leadership workshop with their teachers; there were a group of ladies having their nails done at a shady area; and there were also families having their picnic at the area too. There were also lots of teens biking around the park with their friends.


While it was only an hour of biking around the park, I enjoyed every minute of it.


Whenever you are visiting Tagum City, be sure to drop by at the Energy Park for a picnic or simply to bike.

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