Merienda at Yuyu Cafe

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Merienda at Yuyu Cafe

When I ask people what cafes or coffee shops I should visit in Tagum City, they would recommend that I visit Yuyu Cafe and Dessert Shop.

The cafe was our last destination during our Davao del Norte food trip.



Yuyu Cafe caters to family or group dining as its tables and chairs are mostly arranged for four to five persons. I also like how well lighted that place is with its big glass windows.


For our “merienda” we ordered the Baby Back Ribs (P235), Three Cheese Quesadilla (P140), Purple Yam Cake (P90), Fresh Fruit Tart (P85), Sweet and Salty Cake (P125), and Praline (P105).

DSC_0316-32 copy
Baby Back Ribs

The Baby Back Ribs was delicious. I love how saucy it was and the pork ribs we got were really tender.

DSC_0320-33 copy
Three Cheese Quesadilla

The Three Cheese Quesadilla was also good.

As for their desserts, it was a hit and miss.

The hits were the Fresh Fruit Tart and Praline while the Purple Yam Cake and the Sweet and Salty Cake were a miss.

DSC_0326-34 copy2

The Praline, which is a layer of chocolate hazelnut mousse and chocolate cake with a crispy hazelnut base, was the best among the desserts we had. The crispy base added to the texture of the praline. The mousse and chocolate cake were also good.

Fresh Fruit Tart

The Fresh Fruit Tart was also great. The fruits were definitely fresh and I love how the different fruits complemented one another in terms of flavor.

DSC_0327-35 copy

The Purple Yam Cake is a layer of ube cake, New York cheesecake, and white chocolate coconut mousse. I was excited for the cake based on its description but sadly, this was a let down. I did not get that earthy taste from the ube, the nuttiness of the coconut, or the white chocolate. The three were overpowered by the New York cheesecake, which I find to be too sweet.

DSC_0330-36 copy
Sweet and Salty Cake

The Sweet and Salty Cake is a layer of salted caramel cheesecake, moist chocolate cake, and whipped caramel ganache. While it sounded good, this was also a let down. The only great thing about the cake is the layer of chocolate cake. The salted caramel cheesecake also had an odd taste to it that was not appealing; I did not get any saltiness but only sweetness and sourness.


The service we got here was pretty good. The staff were accommodating but I think they should have smiled more. Our orders were also served in less than 15 minutes.


Yuyu Cafe is a decent cafe that you can visit when you drop by at Tagum City. They offer fairly good food and service. The desserts, on the other hand, are both a hit and miss — some good and some meh.

Would I come back here again? I would. They still have a lot of cakes and dishes that I find interesting to try.

Would I recommend you visit the place? Of course! Though I did not have a good experience when it came to the desserts, Yuyu Cafe is a solid cafe.


Location: National Highway, Tagum City. It is across Gaisano Mall of Tagum

Business hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm, daily

Contact details: (084) 655-6731;

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