Boodle at Seafood Island

You might have noticed that Blackbeard’s Seafood Island at the Abreeza Mall was closed for a couple of weeks a month or two ago.

That is to give way for them to improve their facilities and their food.

Raymond Reyes, director for operations, said they not only renovated the place but also enhanced their dishes and boodle sets. They are also introducing new desserts to their menu as they reopened their store here.

During an exclusive media and blogger event, we were able to try some of their boodle sets and new desserts.

The boodle meals, which are good for five to seven persons, are inspired by many locations in the Philippines. For our dinner here, we had the Mt. Apo, Tali Beach, Taal, Davao, and Meaty Madness boodle feasts.

DSC_9816-4 copy2
Mt. Apo

The Mt. Apo boodle feast, which is good for five to seven persons is priced at P2,450, includes garlic rice, seafood skewers, balls, fried tilapia, kinilaw na tanguigue, liempo skewers, steamed crab, crispy dulong, lumpiang bangus, ensaladang lato, gising gising, ensaladang mangga, watermelon, ripe mango, and sizzling mixed seafood.

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Tali Beach

The Tali Beach includes plain rice, crispy canton, grilled tilapia, french garlic clams, shrimp skewers, sauteed mussels, squid, pork barbecue, steamed crab, crispy dulong, ensaladang lato, grilled talong, grilled tomato, laing, ensaladang mangga, watermelon, green mango, and squid balls. The boodle feast is pegged at P1,200 (good for three to four persons) and P1,999 (good for five to six persons).

DSC_9793-2 copy2

The Taal boodle feast is priced at P1,599, good for five to seven persons. The set includes plain rice, kalkag rice, canton sotanghon guisado, bulalo, grileed tilapia, kinilaw na tanguigue, kare kare tadyang, fried tawilis, crispy dulong, ensaladang lato, ensaladang mangga, gising gising, tortang talong, squid balls, and mixed seafood.

DSC_9864-8 copy2

Priced at P1,699, which is good for five to seven persons, the Davao boodle feast has kalkag rice, canton sotanghon guisado, sinigang salmon, shrimp skewers, sauteed mussels, pork barbecue, lumpiang bangus, ensaladang mangga, ensaladang lato, laing, grilled talong, grilled tomato, pineapple, watermelon, ripe mango, sizzling squid in oyster sauce, crispy dulong, and salted egg.

DSC_9782-1 copy2

The Meaty Madness includes garlic rice, canton sotanghon guisado, crispy pata, pork chop, pork barbecue, kinilaw na tanuigue, chicken inasal skewers, pork binagoongan with tomato, onion, green mango, fried garlic, liempo bits, lato salad grilled okra, grilled talong, laing, and salted egg.

For our desserts, Seafood Island prepared the Biko, Ube, and Macapuno Roll (P165), Cashew and Mango Graham Sansrival (P165), Peanut Crusted Suman a la Mode (P155), and the Coconut Turon Smores (P165).

DSC_9891-9 copy2
Biko, Ube, and Macapuno Roll

The Biko, Ube, and Macapuno Roll is biko roll stuffed with ube and macapuno crusted with desiccated coconut served with ube ice cream.

DSC_9907-11 copy2
Peanut Crusted Suman

The Peanut Crusted Suman a la Mode is deep fried peanut-crusted suman with vanilla ice cream.

DSC_9892-10 copy
Cashew and Mango Graham Sansrival

The Cashew and Mango Graham Sansrival is frozen layers of buttery graham crust, butter cream, cashews, and fresh mango.

DSC_9933-12 copy2
Coconut Turon Smores

The Coconut Turon Smores is marshmallows on a bed of coconut turon topped with vanilla ice cream.

Seafood Island is located at the second floor of the Abreeza Mall, Davao City.

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