Cafe hopping in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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Cafe hopping in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
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After the amazing trip in El Nido, Palawan, we are now off to Zamboanga City. There are no directs flight from Palawan to Zamboanga City so he had to stop by at Cebu City.

Anyway, we arrived in Puerto Princesa City hours before our flight to Cebu City; so I had a couple of hours to spare and explore some cafes in the city with the help of my dear friend, Ate Eba.

Ate Eba recommended that we visit two local cafes, Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy and The Gypsy’s Lair, both of which are fairly near the airport.

Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy

Aside from desserts, Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy also offers a range of snacks and meals like pasta, sandwiches, and pizza among others.

We had the Aligue with Shrimp pasta (P210), Pizza Dog (P175), and Double Choco Caramel Cake (P90).

I liked the presentation of the Aligue with Shrimp pasta. It was a really good dish. I also loved the spicy kick from the chili flakes.

Aligue with Shrimp pasta

The Pizza Dog was just okay, nothing to rave about. I think it was a decent snack though.

Pizza Dog

The Double Choco Caramel Cake was too sweet for my liking. I did not really enjoy it.

Double Choco Caramel Cake

The service here at Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy was good. The staff were friendly and attentive.

When we went to The Gypsy’s Lair, I was already quite full. So I opted to just have a snack or dessert, which was a decision I kind of regretted.

The Gypsy’s Lair

Anyway, I love The Gypsy’s Lair. I like the quirkiness of the place. There are knick knacks here and there. I also love the furnitures they used. Aesthetically, it was a really cool place.

The Gypsy’s Lair interior from the second floor

For our visit here, we ordered the Ice Biko (P80) and I had a mug of Gypsy’s Brew Cappuccino (P95).

The Ice Biko is your classic biko (Filipino sticky rice cake) topped with their homemade ice cream. I really enjoyed this dessert. The biko was served hot and then topped with their vanilla ice cream and some peanuts. The biko was delicious and so was the ice cream. I love how it was not too sweet despite having to eat biko and ice cream together.

Ice Biko

The Cappuccino was also good.


In terms of service, it was also good. The staff were also friendly and attentive.

I really enjoyed the visit here at The Gypsy’s Lair and with what we ordered, I would have loved to try more of their dishes. Unfortunately, I was already full. I’ll make sure to have another visit here should I find myself in Puerto Princesa City again in the near future.

Overall, the visit to the two cafes in Puerto Princesa City was pleasantly good. Though I really enjoyed the visit to The Gypsy’s Lair, I wouldn’t mind having a meal at Heavenly’s Dessert by Dorothy, which I think has pretty decent offerings.

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