Breakfast at Benguet

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Breakfast at Benguet
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One of the places we visited was the Batad Rice Terraces, which I am very much excited about. To get there we had to stop by at Benguet, where we will pick up our awesome tour guide, Jun, and have breakfast at 7th Heavens Cafe.

The cafe, which is just located along the highway entering the downtown area of Benguet, has a very homey feel with its large wooden table and the smell of coffee in the air.

7th Heavens Cafe interior

There are sufficient tables and chairs inside that can cater to groups and couples. You can also have your breakfast at the balcony, which offers a wonderful view of the town below and some rice terraces. However, the view is just obstructed by power lines but when taking photos, proper angling will do the trick to get those lines out of the frame.

The dining area at the balcony

We arrived in the morning so it was a bit chilly eating at the balcony.

Views from the balcony

For breakfast I ordered hotdog and egg with rice while those beside me ordered omelette with bread and chorizo and egg with rice. We also ordered pancakes (P100) and brewed coffee (P40). I was not able to get the prices of the three dishes I ordered earlier since I was not able to take a photo of the breakfast menu at the counter. For the other two, they were on the menu card handed to us.

Hotdog and egg with rice
Chorizo and egg with rice

Anyway, the hotdog and chorizo were those that can be found at the supermarket but still did the trick in giving you a satisfying breakfast. The omelette was pretty good while the pancakes were fluffy.

Omelette with bread

The star of the breakfast was the Benguet brewed coffee, which was phenomenal! One of the best coffee I had. I ordered a second cup of it.

Benguet Brewed Coffee

The cafe also offered other meals like fish, chicken, pork, vegetables, pasta, pancit, salad, and pancakes. They also have decent options for the beverages though I strongly recommend you order the coffee.

However, I find the prices here to be fairly reasonable; meal prices ranges from mainly from P70 to P150. They also have group set meals from P300 to P850.

As for the service, I find the staff were friendly and accommodating. The food was also served within 15 minutes.

Overall, 7th Heavens Cafe is a fairly decent cafe and restaurant in Benguet with reasonably priced food and decent service. I cannot really say if the food here is that good since we did not try their house specials. However, since our tour operator’s driver took us here and many of his recommendations were pretty good, I suppose the food here could be fairly good.

Read more about the trip to Batad Rice Terraces in Mei’s blog, Colors of Mei. You can also check the video below:

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