Good coffee on wheels

AS some coffee shops close their doors or scale down their operations due to the effects of the pandemic, we also saw the emergence of mobile coffee shops

At present, there are three known mobile coffee shops located strategically around the city. For those living in the north of the city, you have Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee. At the center of the central business district of the city is Grind Coffee Davao along Roxas Ave. Then for those living in the south of the city you have the Artisan Brew.

If my memory serves me right, Artisan Brew was the first to open during the pandemic. They opened around September 2020 and were spotted outside Las Terrazas along Diversion Road. On some days it set up shop along Maa Bypass Road. In January 2021, they were invited to pop-ups at the Woodridge Community Market. They can also be spotted beside The Breakfast Joint in Juna Subdivision at times.

For those who live or work in the central downtown area, Grind Coffee Davao is for you. Located in front of Ateneo de Davao University along Roxas Avenue, this mobile coffee shop started around November 2020. They offer a nice cup of coffee for those jogging or biking early in the morning.

Meanwhile, Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee is near for those who live and work in Lanang or Sasa. His pop-up is located along J.P. Laurel Ave. in front of Carmelite Church. Opening early, this pop-up is great for those who need to grab a nice cup of coffee before going to work in the northern area of Davao City or the northern provinces of Davao Region.

The three mobile coffee shops have a similar and simple menu consisting of manually brewed coffee and some cold brews. They also offer other cold drinks like iced macchiato, latte, and mocha.

They also have their signature drinks. For example, Grind Coffee has Green Day, which is cold brew with matcha. I tried this drink and it was pretty good.

You will need a bit of patience while you wait for your cup of coffee here. They are brewing the coffee manually and are usually alone in doing it. Also, their preparation area is quite small too. Hence, you will have to wait for a few minutes before you can get your order. But I think the waiting time is worth it because they do serve a great cup of coffee.

They also open fairly early in the morning at 6 a.m., which is great for those who are leaving work or going to work at this time.

The price of their products is quite affordable for the quality that you will be getting. I am loving the idea that at an affordable price, they are introducing quality coffee to many Dabawenyos. They are using coffee beans sourced from coffee farmers and different coffee farms. Many of the beans they used are also roasted by local coffee roasters.

I love the idea of mobile coffee. They are an awesome instrument to introduce quality coffee to many people. In their ways, they are changing the coffee culture in the city and somehow elevating it too.

If ever you wake up early and are off to work in the morning, be sure to drop by one of these local mobile coffee stalls.

Don’t forget to follow them on social media to stay updated about their whereabouts and changes in operating hours. For Grind Coffee Davao, click here for their Facebook page and here for their Instagram. For Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee, follow him on Facebook here. For Artisan Brew, click here for their Facebook page.

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