Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak

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Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak
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On our third day in Sagada, we woke up at around 3:30am to be able to catch the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak.

We got there via jeep and once we arrived there were already a lot of people at the peak. We had to make extra effort to get the perfect viewing spot to see the sunrise.

With the crowd coming here, be sure to be here as early as possible to get a good viewing spot

While waiting for the sunrise, we had some light breakfast. There are a couple of stalls near the viewing spot. There is also a good variety of food and beverage you can choose from like champorado, arroz caldo, coffee, hot chocolate, 3-in-1 coffee, instant noodles, pastries, among others.

For my light breakfast, I had the black rice champorado and a banana chocolate chip muffin. Both were very delicious. I love the added flavor of the black rice to the champorado. I forgot to take a photo of the muffin because I immediately ate it.

black rice champorado

If you feel cold, some locals also have set up a bonfire to keep some of the visitors warm.

Bonfire at Kiltepan Peak

Hours later, the sun began to rise. Though we were not able to fully enjoy the sunrise because it was a bit cloudy in the horizon, the views were still beautiful.

Sunrise from Kiltepan Peak
Tourists taking photos and enjoying the views at Kiltepan Peak
The sun shining through the trees. It eventually showed itself at around 7am.

After a few more minutes of enjoying the view, we went back to the town center of Sagada to have breakfast at Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant. I find their restaurant to be very homey.


The restaurant was serving a classic silog breakfast meal to its guests. For P150, you can choose two viands (chorizo, hotdog, pork tocino, or corned beef) to go with your egg and garlic rice.

My breakfast included tocino and hotdog with my garlic rice and egg. A small slice of watermelon also came with the meal.

For my breakfast, I had tocino and hotdog to go along with my garlic rice and egg. I also ordered coffee though it was not as good as the one I had at 7th Heavens Cafe in Benguet.

Aside from the classic silog meals, pastries are also available here. Some of the pastries you can. buy from their bakery nextdoor inlude pretzels, croissant, and cinnamon rolls.

After breakfast, we visited the Echo Valley and the Sagada Hanging Coffins. We then left for our next destination, El Nido.

It was really a fun trip here in Northern Luzon. For someone who loves the mountains and cold places, I really enjoyed our visits to the different destinations here. The food we had here were also great.

You can read more about our third day in Sagada in Mei’s blog, Colors of Mei. Click the link to go directly to her blog post about the trip: Philippines Trip Day 3: Kiltepan Peak and the Hanging Coffins of Sagada

You can also check the video below to know more about the trip:

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