A feast at El Nido, Palawan

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A feast at El Nido, Palawan
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After enjoying the cold weather and majestic views of Northern Luzon, we found ourselves in the beautiful beaches and the islands of El Nido, Palawan, the second part of Mei’s tour. (To know more about the trip check the videos and links below)

While we enjoyed the beauty of El Nido, we also enjoyed the delicious food during our tour here.


The guides really brought out their best cooking abilities and prepared a very delicious feast for us.

Prior to the delicious feast we had at the beaches of El Nido, we also enjoyed a delicious meal prepared at the Cadlao Resort and Restaurant, where Mei and her siblings stayed the first night. We had merienda and dinner here on our first night and breakfast on the following day.

For merienda we ordered Spring rolls, Fish fingers, and Spicy Chicken Wings.

Spring Rolls
Spicy Chicken Wings
Fish fingers

Then for dinner we had Cadlao Salad, Laing, Pinakbet, Grilled barbecue pork ribs with mango salsa, Pork Caldereta, and a Seafood platter.

Grilled barbecue pork ribs with mango salsa
Pork Caldereta
Seafood platter

I have to say the food here is pretty good. Every thing was properly cooked and tasted great.

Breakfast at Cadlao Resort

For our first morning in El Nido, we also had breakfast at the resort. Some of the meals we ordered included tocino, tapa, tuna omelette, and pancake. The meal came with a bowl of fruits and juice. Cappucino and latte were also ordered to complete our breakfast.

Pork Tocino
Beef Tapa
Tuna Omelette

After breakfast we got ready for our first island hopping tour in El Nido.

By lunch, our boat anchored at Talisay Beach, where those who are in Tour C have their lunch. The beack was packed with lots and lots of tourists.

Talisay Beach, where most tour groups spend their lunch in Tour C

While waiting for our lunch, we took some time enjoying the beach or just simply chilling at the shore. We also helped ourselves with some fresh coconut while waiting for the food to be finished.

Fresh coconut while waiting for our lunch to be ready. You can buy it from locals who are selling it on kayaks or on the shore. Once you drink all the juice, you can ask them to open it up so you can also enjoy the coconut meat.

Minutes later our guides brought the food from the boat to the shore. It was amusing to watch them transport the food to the shore as they held the food up high to ensure that it does not get hit by the waves.

Once on shore they presented our sumptuous lunch, which includes fresh vegetables and fruits; grilled squid, pork, and fish; and boiled shrimps. Everything tasted really good.

Our feast
Grilled pork
Grilled squid

For the second day, we had lunch at Shimizu Island, which I think is one of my favorite islands that we visited in El Nido.

Shimizu Island, where tour groups have their lunch in Tour A. The island is also a great snorkeling spot

Anyway, for lunch our guide prepared another feast of crabs, shrimps, mussels, fish, grilled pork, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Like the lunch we had the other day, the food we had on the second was also great.

Our feast on the second day

By the end of our tour in El Nido, my tummy was very much happy as was my mood when we left one of our beautiful tourist destinations.

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