A treat for dad

As we celebrate Father’s Day this June 18, we want to treat our dad with something special be it a meal or a massage or a nice gift.

Here are some coffee shops and restaurants that I have visited that I recommend you treat your dad to not only on Father’s Day but anytime you want to. Click on the names or the photos of the recommended coffee shops and restaurants to know more about it.


Batu Café

Crispy Adobo Flakes

The café offers a variety of delicious comfort food that are reasonably priced. The do not have a particular cuisine but there are Filipino favorites, Asian and Asian-inspired dishes, and even Western food. Based on my recent visits here, the food are consistently good. So far I like all of the food I’ve tried here especially their Adobo Flakes. The café has two locations, at the ground floor of Las Casitas Hotel in Obrero and the other one in

Batu Silog combo meal


The Fat Cow


If you want to treat your dad to a fine dining restaurant, the The Fat Cow at Mabini Ext. should be your restaurant of choice. The restaurant offers different kind of dishes like Asian-inspired dishes or their unique take on some classic dishes like their Fried Chicken and Corn Waffles with mascovado syrup.

Fried Chicken and Corn Waffles with mascovado syrup



Shrimp Laksa

You and your family can also visit Dimyum in Obrero if you are looking to treat your dads for some good Asian dishes. Their offerings here are delicious and at the same time reasonably priced. You can find a range of different Asian cuisines here like Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese. I love their Laksa here!

Quail Egg Siomai topped with sweet chili garlic sauce


The Griddle

Homemade Bacon with Mozzarella Sandwich

If you just want to chill with your dad but at the same time enjoy a great meal, then I would recommend The Griddle along Tionko Avenue. The restaurant mainly offers delicious burgers and sandwiches but they are also offering a few rice meals. I recommend their Homemade Bacon and Mozzarella sandwich.

Bacon Burger



Spark Coffee + Crafts

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle

My favorite coffee shop in Davao City to date. Though the menu may look limited but Spark consistently delivers really good food every time I visit here. For example, their Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffle is beautiful and delicious. Their beverages here are also great. I would definitely bring my dad here.

Spark is located at Paseo Uno, Marfori. Their service is great and though their items may come out as a bit pricey but they deliver in terms of quality and serving portions.

Spark Sandwich


Real Confections

Ube Macapuno Cheesecake

After lunch or dinner, you can bring your dads here for some dessert. Real Confections offers a variety of delicious cakes and pastries. I recommend their Ube Macapuno Cheesecake, which is among my favorite desserts in the city. Real Confections is located along Mabini Ext., in front of Stockbridge International School.

Matcha Oreo Cheesecake



Chocolate Chip Cookie

Another wonderful desserts shop here in the city. After having lunch or dinner at The Fat Cow, you and your family can come here and enjoy some good desserts since it is just a door away from the restaurant. Personally, I love their chocolate chip cookie here.

Parmesan Cheesecake


Habi at Kape


I think this coffee shop in Davao City does not get much attention as it should be given. Habi at Kape offers delicious Filipino meriendas like ensaymada and suman. The coffee they serve here is also one of my favorite in the city. Their products here are also affordably priced. They are located at the third floor of the Abreeza Corporate Center.

These are just some of the places that I would recommend you bring your awesome dads to not only during Father’s Day but also treat them here once in awhile.

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