Happy tummies at The Griddle

Last January, a new restaurant opened in Davao City, The Griddle: Burgers & Sandwiches. However, I did not check it out during its first few weeks since it was quite crowded, which is common for new establishments. Friends who have tried the food here said it was good.


Last week, I finally got the chance to eat here for lunch with my friend Ferina (Mermaids do Surf). I enjoyed their food so much, that I went here again, this time for dinner, with my friend Anne and her boyfriend Jethro.


For my first visit here, I ordered the Homemade Bacon with Mozzarella Sandwich (P160) while Ferina ordered the Bacon Burger (P190). We also ordered Classic Fries (P90) and Iced Tea (P40).

Ferina’s Bacon Burger

The sandwich , which consists of homemade bacon, mozzarella, barbecue sauce, and house dressing, was amazing! The sandwich was packed with flavors. Their bacon had just the right thickness to it and was well seasoned. The components of the sandwich complemented each other making my tummy really happy.

Homemade Bacon with Mozzarella Sandwich

Ferina also enjoyed her Bacon Burger. We also enjoyed the fries, which was well seasoned and had a good thickness to it unlike the ones we get at the fast food chains which are long and thin.

For the second visit, I ordered the Bacon Burger, which I also enjoyed. The burger has a 100% beef patty, homemade bacon, barbecue sauce, jalapeno, and house dressing. The patty was juicy and just like the sandwich I had, the components complemented each other. I loved the spicy kick and heat from the jalapenos.

The Bacon Burger I ordered for dinner

Anne had the Homemade Bacon with Mozzarella Sandwich while Jethro had the Beef with Mozzarella Sandwich (P170), which has beef brisket, mozzarella, barbecue sauce, and house dressing.

Beef with Mozarella Sandwich. Who does not love a sandwich oozing with cheese?

They both enjoyed their sandwiches and also had very happy tummies.

The bread for both of my orders also had a good texture to it. It was not crumbly nor soggy. The bread for the sandwich was also grilled properly, and I like the butter on the bread.

Don’t use utensils to eat the burgers or sandwiches. For the best experience, wrap a portion of the sandwich or burger then start eating. Just be careful to not get any of the sauce on you. 😉

Overall, I find their food here really good and delicious. I look forward to trying out their other burgers and sandwiches.

Other burgers they serve include their Burger (P140) and Cheeseburger (P160). The two may sound simple and boring but I’m sure The Griddle’s version of the two classics would taste delicious.

Other sandwiches being served include Beef with Gravy (P170), Spiced Chicken (P140), Cheesy Mushroom (P130), and Grilled Cheese (P100).

They also serve Chicken wings (P150), Flavored Fries (P130), and Onion Rings (P100).


The Griddle has a very simple interior, not flashy and also not boring. They have a good amount of seating area. They also have a bar table on one side of the store. In the evening, they set up tables and chairs out side the store.

However, the comfort room (CR) is located at the ground floor of the now closed Sunflower Hotel. It is quite creepy walking inside the empty hotel though the CR is only a few walks away from the store.

The atmosphere is good for chilling or catching up with friends.

I also liked how the place is not too cold or too warm, the temperature of the dining are was just perfect even though they have an open kitchen where you see them cooking the food.


The service was wonderful. The food arrived in less than 15 minutes. The staff were smiling and efficient, which I liked.

In terms of cost, their products are reasonably priced and not too expensive.

At the condiments area, they have cold service water, which I am happy about.


I’m in love with The Griddle and I just might find myself coming here to treat myself every now and then. I enjoyed their food and I liked their ambiance.

I recommend you coming to this place if you are looking for delicious sandwiches and burgers. Not the best place for health buffs but do come here on your cheat days. 😀

Location and contact details

The Griddle is located at the ground floor of the building of the then Sunflower Hotel along Tionko Ave., Davao City. The store is open from 11:30am to 9:00pm.

They also do delivery and catering services, contact them at (082) 224-5388. Like The Griddle on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @the_griddle_burgerssandwiches.

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