Learning financial planning in a fun way

For some, learning about financial planning can be boring or a headache. How about I tell you that there is actually a fun way to learn about it.

Sun Life Financial – Philippines has recently introduced the Brighter Life Praxis, a board game designed to make financial education fun and engaging. Think Monopoly but less damaging to relationships. 😀 😀


Mariquit M. Lintag, Head for Integrated Public Relations and Corporate Communications of Sun Life Financial – Philippines, said when some people encounter the term “financial planning”, they would be intimidated by it since they may find it too complex.

“We want financial planning to be accessible to our fellow Filipinos and make it fun and interesting for them,” she said.

The game is quite simple actually. It can be played between two to five players. You take turns rolling the dice and whichever tile you land on, you either make an important financial decision, receive additional cash, or pay stuff. Based on my experience with the game, you set a time limit and attain certain milestones. Once the time ends, the player who comes out the richest wins!


One unique aspect of the Brighter Life Praxis board game is it simulates real-life events (e.g. getting promoted, catching an illness, or losing a job) that will allow the players to make financial decisions in different economic cycles.

Financial processes and topics that players may encounter while playing the game include budgeting, saving, investments, and insurances, among others.

During their meet up with Davao media and bloggers, I had the privilege to play the board game. Though I arrived late, I was able to catch up and have fun. I ended up with $10,350 of game money. During the game I was able to invest in mining, oil, and telecommunications. I felt like a real businessman or investor. 😀 😉

It is very educational, especially for those like me who is still having a hard time in doing or getting into financial planning. The game will also allow you to understand how investments or insurances work.

Sun Life Financial – Philippines is the first company to introduce the innovative and educational board game in the Philippines.

The company has rolled out the board game to its clients, employees, and financial advisers  of Sun Life of Canada (Phils.) Inc., Sun Life Grepa Financial, and Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. Employees of the Insurance Commission and Philippine Investment Funds Association were also given the opportunity to play the board game.

Recently, they introduced the game to bloggers and members of the media in Iloilo City and Davao City. Soon they’ll introduce the game in Bacolod City.

Unfortunately, the Brighter Life Praxis board game is not available for sale but if you or your company is interested in playing the game and learn the importance of financial planning, you may contact the nearest Sun Life Office in  your area (Click this link for the directory).

Sun Life’s address and contact details in Davao City:

Plaza de Luisa Commercial Complex
Ramon Magsaysay Ave., Davao City 8000
Tel. No.: (082) 227-6128

To know more about Sun Life Financial Philippines and their products, visit their website.

I have to apologize for the low quality of the photos. I was not able to bring my camera with me then. 😉

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