A Spark ignited

(Updated) Spark Coffee + Crafts opened early last year and since then it has been one of my favorite coffee shops in Davao City.

Since they opened, they never disappointed me. Every time I come here, I leave a happy boy. I really love the food and ambiance of the place.



I like what they did with the place. I find the interior design to be clean and simple. I also like how they have power outlets for those who will be working or studying here. I also find the place to be well lighted.


On one corner of the store, there is also a display for those who love calligraphy and crafts. There are pens, notebooks, and inks among the things displayed.

I also find the place to be conducive for work and for those who want to study especially from 11am to 3pm. However, I observed that most of their customers come here at around 4pm. I also noticed that the place is packed during dinner or early in the evening.


They have recently installed WiFi at the coffee shop and I find it pretty good. I am able to stream properly on Spotify and YouTube.

I also love how they feature local artists and photographers every now and then. Their works, which are displayed in the wall mounted plant holders, definitely adds character to the place. What a nice way to support local artists and photographers.

Speaking of art, the coffee shop also holds calligraphy and art workshops in partnership with local artists.


For my visit here, I ordered their Cappuccino (P110), Spark Sandwich (P250), and Matcha Waffle with mango and red mung beans (P120). I also ordered a Double Chocolate Brownie and Iced Americano, both of which I forgot to take note of the price.

Spark Sandwich

I really enjoyed the Spark Sandwich, which is ciabatta with beef strips, caramelized onions, egg and cheese on top, and their special sauce. The meal came with a side of fries. I find the sandwich to be really delicious every component of the sandwich went well together. I also loved the runny egg and melted cheese on top. Definitely on top of my favorite food list.

Matcha Waffle with mango and red beans

I also liked the Matcha Waffle with mango and read beans, which went well together. The dish was very filling to the stomach. I also find it to be the one of the most beautifully plated waffle dishes I have ever encountered.

Double Chocolate Brownie

The Double Chocolate Brownie was also delicious.


Meanwhile, the Cappuccino was one of the best I had. I enjoyed every sip of it.

Iced Americano

I also enjoyed every sip of their Iced Americano. Over the course of my visits here, this drink has been one of my regular orders.

In my succeeding visits here, I had the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese WaffleMonte Cristo Sandwich, Cheesy Lasagna, and the Carbonara.

Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffle

I think their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle is one of best dishes I have ever had. I love the combination of sweetness and saltiness. This is what I call comfort food.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

The Monte Cristo Sandwich is also delicious. It is french toast with ham in between then you have jam on the side. Yum!

Cheesy Lasagna

Another favorite of mine is their Cheesy Lasagna, which is flavorful and I love how cheesy it really was.


The Carbonara was quite good too.

Overall, I enjoyed their food and beverage here. I find the quality to be good and at the same time the prices to be fairly reasonable.


I find the service here to be fairly good. I find the staff to be friendly and accommodating.

When I visited the place, the owners were present. They were also friendly and accommodating. They were kind enough to explain what is on their menu and I appreciated that very much.


Overall, I find Spark Coffee and Crafts to be a great coffee shop. Their food and beverage are reasonably priced and the food quality is also great. I also find the service here to be great.

I find the place to be great for those who want to spend some me-time or for a group of friends.

I will definitely be coming back here.


Address: Paseo Uno Bldg. Ruby St., Marfori Heights, Davao City

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Sunday: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Contact details: (0917) 700-9404

Facebook: SparkDvo

Instagram: @sparkdvo

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