Review: Think Up

I have always been intrigued by Think Up since it opened last year. Their social media advertising really caught my attention and interest.

I talked to some of my friends about visiting the place but they told me to simply pass on it since the food or the drinks were not great; so I delayed my visit there.

However, my  curiosity got me and I finally found the time to check the place out.



Think Up is located along J.P. Laurel Ave. near the Lanang area and just beside Red Hotel.

The place actually looks nice. It has a modern and neat design. I like how well lighted it is. The tables could cater groups.

I find it to be a pretty decent place for meetings and study groups.


For my visit here, I ordered the Spaminator (P145), Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts (P80), and Think up Tea (P95).


I find the Spaminator to be overpriced. It was simply bread, cheese, and spam pressed in a sandwich maker and cut into half. I could find the same kind of sandwich at other cafes priced P100 and below plus it would served with a side of chips or salad. In terms of taste it was good.

Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts

I also find the cookie to be overpriced plus it did not even taste good. It was dry and lacked sweetness. I’ve had cookies at P45 and it tasted better while the cookies I had at Starbucks was also around P80 and tasted good too.

Think Up Tea

I came here in the evening and instead of having coffee, I ordered for tea. The crew suggested that I order the Think Up Tea . It was just okay.

They have other food options; when I checked, it was food from Soul Kitchen Co. and I find it to be quite expensive. You can order rice meals but it will be ordered from the restaurant next door.

In terms of pricing, I do find their food to be expensive. However, I think their drinks are reasonably price.


The service I experienced was okay. The staff were doing what they are expected to do but were neither friendly nor accommodating.

They have wireless internet connection, which was surprisingly fast but not very stable when I visited. I would experience 20 to 30 minutes of limited internet connection. However, the unstable internet connection could be only on the day I visited.



I did not enjoy my experience here. I find their menu to be expensive and the food was not that good. Their service was just average. However, their internet was one of the fastest I’ve experienced.

I think they could improve their food here like match the price with the quality of their food. Customer service could also be improved with a friendlier crew.


Unit 3, Bldg 83, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada

Contact details:
(082) 287-3741


Business hours:
11:00am to 1:00am, Mondays to Saturdays | 3:00pm to 11:00PM on Sundays


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