Vietnamese on a cold Wednesday night

A few weeks back, me and Isa had our first dinner for the year. As always the case with friends, we had a hard time deciding where to eat. After a few days of thinking, we decided to try out this new place called Viet Cafe at Cervantes St., Obrero.

The two of us were very bad when it came to street names and directions in this part of the city. However, after a few taps on Google Map, we found Viet Cafe, which was having a busy night that time.




Viet Cafe is an outdoor eatery similar to Cafe 99 in Torres St. They had a couple of seats good for individuals, pairs, and even groups.

I hope they would temporarily add some table and chairs. Since they are fairly new, we did notice that there was a number of people coming here.


Isa and I ordered Pho (P129), Classic Banh Mi Supreme (P129), and Viet Iced Coffee (P55).

The Pho consisted of rice noodles, togue, beef strips, and herbs in its delicious soup. It was delicious. The night we had dinner here was fairly cold so it was the perfect meal that night. The pho felt like a warm hug on that cold Wednesday night.


The Classic Banh Mi consisted of Viet Cafe’s house special roast red pork, Vietnamese ham, chicken liver paté, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and radish, and their special sauce sandwiched in between a Vietnamese baguette.

Classic Banh Mi Supreme

In terms of presentation, I find this to be a very pretty sandwich. I liked the pop of orange from the carrots and green from the cucumber. Taste wise, it was really good! I enjoyed every single bite of it.

Isa and I also enjoyed the Viet Iced Coffee. I find it to be refreshing too.

Viet Iced Coffee (P55)

The price of their food and drinks are just about right. I actually find it cheap but at the same time the quality was great.

You can check the menu below:



The service we experienced was fairly good. I find the owners and the staff to be very accommodating and friendly. One aspect I liked about them is they explain to the customers the food that is on the menu board.

However, the food service took a while. I believe this was mainly due to the amount of customers they had to cater to. It was one order after the other and there were only three of them.


I’ve never had authentic Vietnamese food before despite growing up in Thailand where I had access to a lot of authentic Vietnamese food; so I am not the right person to ask if it tasted authentic or not. But I will say this, the food here is great. I enjoyed the pho, banh mi, and the iced coffee.

The price of their food and drinks is also easy on the wallet. As for the service, they could improve more on the meal service; at the same time I think they were accommodating and friendly to us.

Will I be coming back here? Definitely! Who doesn’t want affordable  and delicious food?


Location: Cervantes Generoso St. Bo Obrero, Davao City, Philippines

Business hours: 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Contact details: 0939 609 1272

Facebook: Viet Cafe

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