Dinner at Jalan

A couple of weeks ago I visited this new restaurant in Obrero. Jalan Loklok and BBQ by Chef Angelo is just one of the few new restaurants that is popping up at Obrero, which is slowly becoming one of Davao city’s major food districts along with Torres St., Marfori, and Damosa.


Jalan is located along Sobrecarey St., Obrero. It is just past Espetada and Dimyum if you are coming from Victoria Plaza.


The place is quite small. Inside the shop there is a high top bar table, which can be a great place for solo diners or couples on a date.

I like how they maximized the space outside the shop. There are a couple of picnic tables outside that would cater to a group of four or more.


Jalan offers a somewhat different dining experience as compared to other barbecue shops out there.

You start by choosing from the barbecue and lok lok skewers from the display case behind the counter.


Once you have selected what you want, the barbecue will go to the grill while you take the lok lok skewers to a boiling pot of special broth. Dip the skewers in and wait for it to cook. Once your barbecue and lok lok skewers are cooked, take them to the sauce station and apply sauce to your heart’s content. You have five sauces you can choose from: peanut sauce, Jalan BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, sweet chili sauce, and sambal sauce.


For my visit here, I went for the chicken satay (P15/stick), chicken barbecue marinated in Jalan BBQ sauce (P15/stick), tuna roll (P20/stick), and the seaweed rolls (P20). I ordered rice (P10) and roti (P30 for two pieces) to go with my meal.  I also ordered a glass of Mango Lassie (P35).

The chicken satay was really delicious and flavorful, with or without its pair, the peanut sauce. I first ordered only two pieces but added more because I find it to be really good.

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce

The chicken barbecue, tuna rolls, and seaweed rolls were also good.

From ledft: tuna rolls (2pcs), seaweed roll, chicken satay (2pcs), chicken barbecue

I love their peanut sauce. It was really good. It also went well with the other lok lok skewers and barbecue.

The chicken satay with peanut sauce is also best eaten wrapped in Jalan’s roti.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce on a roti

The Mango Lassie, which is a concoction of yogurt milk and mango puree, was very refreshing.

Mango Lassie

Jalan also offers noodle dishes and spring rolls. In terms of costs, most of the food here are less than P100, which is very easy on the wallet.


The service I got was fairly good despite the continuous stream of people dropping by the place. My order was quite simple so I did not have to wait long for my orders to be served; it was only the barbecue that was served since the cooking of lok lok skewers was self service.


Jalan is a great addition to the options of restaurants in Obrero. The food is delicious while the price is easy on the wallet. I have dropped by here a couple of times already and kept on coming back for their chicken satay.

The place is quite small though so be sure to drop by early to be able to grab a seat.

I recommend this for group of friends because I think their food here is best eaten with your barkadas.


Location: Sobrecary St., Obrero

Contact details: 0919 993 2814

Business hours: 5:30pm to 10:00pm from Mondays to Saturdays; closed on Sundays

Facebook: Jalan Loklok and BBQ by Chef Angelo

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