Spending the morning at Bemwa Farm

Buda in a day
Breakfast at Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop
Spending the morning at Bemwa Farm
Lunch at Wildberry Cafe and Diner

After a satisfying breakfast at the Seagull Steak House and Coffee Shop, we proceeded to Bemwa Farm, where we will be spending most of our time in Buda.

Bemwa Farm is a vegetable farm and is known for its strawberries. Unfortunately, when we came here, the berries were not ripe yet.


Anyway, the farm charges visitors P50 per head and you can use the P50 stubs to buy anything from their shop. If it goes beyond P50, you will have to pay the rest of it.

I find Bemwa Farm to be a very charming place with the neatly placed patches and pots of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. If my memory serves me right, there were some lettuce, sunflowers, and a variety of herbs, like basil and mint, among others.

I also love how relaxing the place is too. The green scenery, which was splashed with some colors from the flowers, was a very relaxing and refreshing sight to see.

The farmers were also kind enough to explain some of the things they were doing in the farm. They would also be happy to help you identify some of the plants or vegetables if you are finding it hard to identify it.


After an hour or so of vlogging, taking photos, and enjoying the view, my friends had a quick snack at their store, which offers mainly merienda.


For our snacks we ordered their brewed coffee (P40), binignit (P50), and strawberry taho (P30).

Brewed coffee

The brewed coffee was really good for the cool climate of Buda.


The binignit definitely hits the spot and it was really good.

Strawberry taho

The strawberry taho was delicious. I like the fact they use actual strawberries for their taho syrup unlike some, which uses strawberry syrup only. There were also bits of strawberries in the taho.

After our merienda, we went for another walk around the farm before leaving for lunch.

While on our way out, there were some vendors outside the farm selling strawberry ice cream. We bought each for ourselves and we quite enjoyed it too.

Strawberry ice cream

We were supposed to be on our way to Wildberry Garden Diner for our lunch but we checked the time, it was still a couple of hours before lunch. So we took a quick detour and went to Hillsview Mountain Villa.

It was not easy getting there, the road was really rocky and muddy. If you plan to go there be sure to have a vehicle that is suited for rocky roads.

Anyway, the rocky road was worth it as the view from Hills View Mountain Villa was really beautiful. It was simply breathtaking.

The view from Hills View Mountain Villa

Minutes later we started to feel hungry already; hence, we now made our way to where we will be having lunch, Wildberry Graden Diner, which I will talk more in my next post. Stay tuned!

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