Chilling at Habi at Kape

Habi at Kape, which is located at the third floor of the Abreeza Corporate Center, has caught my interest since it opened around a year a go. Though I frequented Abreeza Mall, I have never tried hanging out in this place.


The other day after work, I went to Abreeza to check out the ongoing Mindanao Trade Expo (MTE). After walking around the trade fair, I decided to go to the Corporate Center and hang out at Hapi at Kape.


The coffee shop is not located inside a store space rather it is located in the hallway at the corner section of the 3rd floor, which is known as the area of Davao Dwellings, which sells Davao-made products, ranging from furniture, accessories, and food. I may not have hanged out at the coffee shop but I have dropped by Davao Dwellings a couple of times to buy some of their products for gifts.


Habi at Kape is one of the most authentic Filipino-themed coffee shop I’ve been to, from the food to the design of the place.

I ordered the Premium Arabica Hineleban Pressed Coffee (P80) and Suman (P30). The coffee beans used for the coffee were from Bukidnon.


I enjoyed the coffee, which had great taste and smelled really good.  I also enjoyed the Suman, it tasted good and the chocolate drizzle on it made it yummier.


The price of other products are not that expensive. They are very affordable compared to other coffee shops. The quality of their products are also good. Personally, I think that you get more than what you have paid for.

A small menu on the tables. There’s a bigger one at the counter where you can find other offerings.

My only comment about their menu here is most of it would fall under the snacks category. If you are planning to get lunch or dinner, this might not be the best place. Based on the menu on the board, their House Specials — Villa Margarita’s Pancit Lug-lug (P170) and Pinoy Pobrecito Pasta with salted egg and dried fish (P170), both serves 1-2 persons — are the only food that would fill your stomachs during lunch or dinner.

Service was also great, the staff were attentive and I did not have to wait long for my order. The WiFi connection was also descent. Despite being an open air cafe, the atmosphere was quite relaxing. The only downside here is that if you have a laptop or tablet that is low on battery, you are not able to charge here.


Another great thing about Habi at Kape is they have this merienda (afternoon snack) buffet from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm from Friday to Sunday. The buffet is priced at P200 per person.


Overall, Habi at Kape is a great coffee shop to go to. The ambiance is relaxing; the products are affordable and of good quality; and the service is generally good. This place is best if you just want to hang out with friends or family. You could also drop by here if you want to simply relax from a day’s work or read a book. However, this might not be the best place for those who will be spending long hours working on their laptops or tablets.

Habi at Kape is located at Davao Dwellings, 3rd floor, Abreeza Corporate Center, Davao City.

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