Signature coffee drinks to try in Davao City

ASIDE from my regular orders — like the pour-over coffee, iced americano, or cappuccino — I also enjoy trying the different signature espresso-based drinks that some of our coffee shops and cafes have to offer.

I like that the coffee shops here each have their own respective signature drink. These signature drinks make discovering and revisiting coffee shops a fun activity.

Here are some of the memorable signature coffee drinks I have tried in Davao:

Mocha Lava by Purge Coffee Roasters and Stash Coffee Co.

Think the classic café mocha but on another level. This drink has a shot of espresso, milk, chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with cocoa powder. This is an indulgent drink that will satisfy chocolate and coffee lovers. I also love the playfulness of this drink with its generous scoop of ice cream.

Purge Coffee Roasters is located along Tulip Drive, Juna Subd. Stash Coffee Co. is located on the 2nd floor of Davao TBT Bldg Corner Inigo St. and Porras St., Obrero.

Passionfruit Magicano by Espresso Lab

Espresso Lab’s Passionfruit was a pleasant surprise when I first had it. What sets this apart from other coffee beverages is the unique combination of passionfruit and coffee. I just love how the sweet and tangy flavor of passionfruit balances out the coffee. I also like how this drink gives off a tropical vibe and is something you would order in a beach resort.

Espresso Lab is located on the ground floor of Lanang Suites, Lanang.

Espresso Tonic by Kanto Coffee

While the Passionfruit Magicano gives off the tropical vibe, Kanto Coffee’s Espresso Tonic is the perfect coffee drink if you are having a summer party. This is espresso with tonic water. I like having this drink ice-cold on a hot afternoon or morning.

Kanto Coffee is located at Food Trip, Road 1, Dona Vicenta Village. They also have a pop-up at the Ayala Abreeza Mall from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Shiro Blend by Lifecycle Coffee

This has to be my favorite white cold brew in the city. It is one of those drinks that put a smile on my face after drinking it. I think this is a balanced coffee drink because its sweetness and creaminess do not drown out the coffee. I like that I can still get that chocolatey and nutty taste from the coffee. It is one of those coffee drinks that I constantly crave.

Lifecycle Coffee is located in Langub.

Summer by 4th Street Cafe

This is another coffee drink that screams summer. It’s Iced Americano with lemon syrup and topped with apples. I love how the citrus and brightness of the lemon cut through the coffee. I also like the subtlety of the apple every time I take a sip of this drink. It is one refreshing coffee drink that I enjoy before I go home after a day’s work.

Fourth Street Cafe is located along Narra St.

I will be adding more to this list the more I discover signature coffee drinks in Davao City. I will also post these updates on my Facebook and Instagram.

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