An Exciting 2015-2016 Fall Season for TV

Most of the foreign TV series that aired during the 2014-2015 Fall Season (September 2014 to August 2015) have already ended last month. Some were cancelled, some renewed, and some ended already. Personally, I think many of the renewed and returning TV series ended on a high note.

Just like some of you, I feel like there is something missing in my daily routine as each TV series ends it season and I am now filling this missing piece by starting to watch or catch up with some series that I have yet to see. Some series I am presently watching include Daredevil, House of Cards, Younger, and So You Think You Can Dance, among others.

Despite not being able to watch many of my favorite TV shows, it is thrilling to note that there will be a lot of exciting things we can expect from the returning and new series this coming 2015-2016 Fall Season.

Every year there are a number of new TV series that are being aired. As the weeks go by, these series either get cancelled or renewed for another season. Here are some new shows that I am excited about:

1. Supergirl

The series is expected to debut on November this year on CBS. It is developed by Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, and Andrew Kreisberg. The series is based on and will revolve around DC Comics superhero Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), which will be played by Melissa Benoist (Glee). With the success of Arrow and The Flash, which are also developed by Berlanti and Kreisberg, I am expecting that the TV series will come out great with action packed episodes, surprising plot twists, and well-developed character.

2. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The superhero TV show is developed by Arrow creators Berlanti, Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim. The show, which is a spin-off from hit series Arrow and Flash, will air in 2016 on The CW. There are a lot of things to be excited about this show like the superheroes and super villains that will appear, time travelling, and lots of action as seen on the trailer. I also find it funny that Arthur Davill (Rory from Doctor Who) will be portraying Rip Hunter, a time traveler. It seems like he learned a lot during his time spent with Doctor Who.

3. Heroes Reborn

After that awful series finale of Heroes in 2010, may of us were dismayed, crushed, disappointed, and sad. For me, Heroes was such a great series with a great concept but towards the end it just went downhill. As Sheldon Cooper puts it, “Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season till we were grateful.” This time the series is back and will introduce new characters and story lines. Some of the original casts from Heroes will also be back like Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet and Jimmy Jean-Louis as The Haitian. Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Noah Gray-Cabey will also be reprising their roles.

4. Quantico

The upcoming thriller TV series will air on ABC this coming 2015-2016 Fall Season. It is created and executive produced by Joshua Safran with Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper. It will star Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parish, the main protagonist of the series, together with Jake McLaughlin, Tate Ellington, Graham Rogers, Johanna Braddy, and Yasmine Al Masri. The series follows the journey of young FBI recruits, who are undergoing training at the Quantico base in Virginia. After graduating the academy, one of them are suspected of masterminding an attack on New York City.

These are just some of the new TV series I am excited about this coming season. Some other series that might interest you are Limitless, Scream Queens, and Minority Report, among other many TV shows that will air starting September.

Fingers crossed, I hope these will be awesome series with a great plot and amazing characters.

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