That is the shout of victory the moment you finish your deck of 10 cards in this fast paced card game called Dutch Blitz. This card game is addictive, highly entertaining, fun, and action packed.

I learned to play the game sometime in 2004, when my family was still residing in Bangkok, Thailand. Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) missionaries taught me and my family how to play the Dutch Blitz card game.

Basically the objective of the game, which is played by four individuals, is to be the first to finish your Blitz deck of ten cards but at the same time be able to highest pointer of the game.

If you want to know how to play the game, watch this instructional video from the Youtube channel of Dutch Blitz:

According to the instructional video, the first to reach 75 points wins the game but for me and my friends we race to 100 points but sometimes we could race to 150 or 200 points.

This is what will happen when you and your friends know how to play Dutch Blitz:

Sometimes the game would end faster, depending on how fast the players play and the cards available.

Here are some of the things my friends have to say about the game:


Fast paced ang gameplay. Exciting. Challenging! Medyo educational?


1. Making friends with other Blitz players
2. Giving your opponent negative scores


Bien: Multitasking. Bragging rights. Lol
Drew: Competitive game
Lj: Makita mo kung sino yung mga “GAHOT” friends mo. Haha
Angel: Adrenaline! 


Karina: Competitive game. Many skills development involved. BLITZ!!
Gino: You get to have skin to skin contact with your crush even for a fraction of a second. #omg #kilig haha


It makes me feel superior than anyone else. Hahahaha Plus it gives me joy seeing new people feel that they belong, that they are included, and are having fun. Priceless!

6 copy

I like playing the game because it’s challenging. There’s always the thrill of whether you beat your friends of they beat you hahaha it’s addictive kay gusto nimo pildihon tung nakapildi sa imo hahaha and fun siya kasi pang fellowship siya na game. You gain friends and mas maging close kayo ng existing friends mo.


So, where can you buy Dutch Blitz? I think there is no store in the Philippines that is selling the Dutch Blitz game but you can purchase the game online. Here are links as to where you can buy the game:

1. Dutch Blitz (
2. (
3. Dutch Blitz at PH (

Now you that have the general information and the sites where you can buy the Dutch Blitz card game, grab your friends and family and play this fast, addictive, highly entertaining, fun, and action packed game.

This game would be perfect for barkadas and your family. Based on my experience, there is no turning back once you start playing.

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